Russell Wilson Praised On His Birthday For Not Being Stereotypical & Creating Broken Homes

Russell Wilson Praised On His Birthday For Not Being Stereotypical & Creating Broken Homes

Today is Russell Wilson’s birthday. Ciara took to Instagram to honor her husband with a heartfelt message with Mary J. Blige ‘My Everything’ playing in the background. “Intelligent, Beautiful, Loving, Caring, Thoughtful, Consistent, Special, Anointed, Rare, A Legend, a Winner, Everything that is YOU! ” the singer wrote.





Not one to be outdone, Russell replied to Ciara, letting her know how thankful he was to have her in his life. “I am grateful I get to spend the rest of my life with you. And one day Eternity in Heaven. I love you Mrs. Ciara Wilson,” the NFL quarterback stated. The interaction between the couple left fans gushing. While Russell Wilson is often the butt of the joke to many who love to call him corny or question his manhood, many fans praised him for being a man. “Russell is the example of what a man should be. We all need a Russell, instead of these Tyrones”

One of the top comments on The Shade Room post questioned why other men call Russell Wilson corny. “They” ll call homie corny cuz he doesn’t have 20 baby mamas and 12 broken homes he created […] this is how we supposed to be in the community healthy non toxic marriages that’s how the community stays strong,” the user wrote. Following the comment, some began comparing Russell Wilson to Future and Nick Cannon.



In the past, many men have questioned how Ciara could go from Future to Russell Wilson. Despite being the Father of Ciara’s oldest son, Future Jr, Future has at least eight baby mothers and eight children. Nick Cannon also has a host of baby mothers and twelve children. At this point, the TV host is used to being criticized for birthing so many children with different women. Nick Cannon responded to the criticism in the past, admitting he’s having all of his children on purpose.

On the other hand, Russell Wilson was previously married but did not have children when he began dating Ciara and became a father figure to Future and Ciara’s son, Future Jr. After two years of dating, the couple welcomed their first child together. Back in 2020, the couple welcomed their second child together.


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