Roslyn Singleton, famous for her appearances on “America’s Got Talent” and “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” has passed away… following her fight with brain cancer. Roslyn not so far”earned her wings,” As per her spouse Ray, who authenticate she died on Wednesday.

He says she passed away”peacefully sleeping right at home where she desired to be.” Ray mentioned, “This road ahead is going to be AMAZING long & difficult! She taught us all SOMETHING…She’s where we’re all attempting to get one day so no need to be sorrowful!

Currently we celebrate her legacy, her impact, her story & HER SPIRIT!” Roslyn first hit trending stardom about 2 years ago … Later Ray uploaded a video of himself singing to her before she goes into surgery for her brain cancer. She goes on to appear on Ellen’s show in 2020 —

telling the talk show host she’s been battling cancer since 2013, and was in remission for 6 years before another brain tumor was found. Ray went on to audition for ‘AGT’ the next year … Having the audience to tears when Roslyn also added him on stage to tell their story.She said the judges she had “never learned [Ray] sing so good.” Roslyn and Ray were featured in the docuseries, “Black Love” Prior this year — which further highlighted their story as a duo. Roslyn is survived by her spouse, Ray. She was 39 year old. RIP. Her fans said,

she was a warrior. After learning about the deadly disease she seem always motivated and always wants to inspired the people who are suffering with the same disease, also she does many visits to the hospital just to inspire people with that deadly disease. She was really a gem,

and she had a pure heart. She always used to think about other people and always wants to help them, she really liked children and in hospital she used to play with them. In an interview she told,

I love playing with children because they are the best therapy to your mental peace. She said I felt refresh whenever I play with kids. She was really innocent and humble, kind natured human.


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