Romeo Calls Out Master P For Mourning Twitch’s Passing, But Ignored His Deceased Daughter’s Pain

Romeo Calls Out Master P For Mourning Twitch’s Passing, But Ignored His Deceased Daughter’s Pain

Yesterday, a large number of celebrities flocked in to pay their respects to the television host tWitch. The vivacious DJ ultimately succumbed to some unpleasant problems. Too many celebrities, like the Miller family, are familiar with the burden of a life cut short. Recently,

Master P had to say farewell to a daughter who was going through her own problems. Romeo, his son, blasted him out yesterday for showing respect to tWitch while neglecting the difficulties his own daughter faces. Over the years,Master P’s fans have been able to keep up with him and his children thanks to a number of projects based on his son, rapper and actor Romeo Miller. Romeo and his father would later appear in Growing Up Hip-Hop, a reality series about families in the music business.

They spent a significant amount of their narrative trying to assist Tytyana. Tyty, P’s child with ex-wife Sonya Miller, followed in her mother’s footsteps and battled drug addiction and abuse. She would ultimately lose their struggle in June of last year.She wasn’t even 30. The National Alliance on Mental Illness and ARJ Cases joined forces with Master P to assist develop services for other families dealing with someone who is using drugs, and Master P immediately got to work.

The organizations targeted black populations in particular. With CBS Morning, he talked candidly about Tytyana’s passing and shared his sadness over it all. “If you’re poor, you could assume you’ll outlive your children, and I feel that attending my daughter’s burial was part of that purpose. I feel as though I attended my own funeral.

After his loss, he vowed to do everything in his power to raise public awareness of others who are struggling. “I wish to assist those that resemble us. We want people to be aware of this. I’m going to leave and save millions of dollars. Romeo, though,indicates that his father may actually be quite different. Social media tributes to tWitch posted by Master P incited his son, who responded sharply on his tale. Romeo remarked, “Today was a boiling point.
Many individuals were surprised by Tytyana’s passing or were unaware of it.

Well, we don’t truly know what happens behind closed doors, damn it. Romeo should pray, according to one person. One more responded, “keeping your family accountable isn’t beefing,” in response to everyone inquiring as to whether Romeo and his father were at odds.

How much Master P participated in Tytyana’s battle before she died is unknown. He struggled with substance misuse while married to her mother, as was previously reported, and maintains that is why he left her in the first place. Romeo’s claims have received no response from Master P. The father-son team has never discussed difficulties in public before.


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