Remains Found in Alabama Identified as 5-year-old Taylor Williams

Remains Found in Alabama Identified as 5-year-old Taylor Williams

Taylor Rose Williams, a 5-year-old missing child from Jacksonville, whose bo*es were discovered earlier this month in a forested region of Alabama, have now been positively recognised as her remains. The most recent update was dis closed on

Monday by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. Early on in the inv’estigation, her mother, 27-year-old petty officer first class Brianna Williams, cea’sed cooperating. After learning that hu’man remains were discovered on November 12th near Demopolis, Alabama,

while looking for her daughter, she made an at*empt on her life just a few weeks ago. Williams has already been cha*ged with two counts of child negligence and providing in’vestigators with fal’se information, however more cha*ge’s are ant*cipated.

Taylor Rose resided with her mother at the apartment, according to neighbours, who reported seeing her alone there at least twice. Williams allegedly informed another former neighbour that she was sending her daughter to Alabama to live with her grandparents.

The grandparents, who a’ssert that they haven’t seen Taylor in over a year, disagree with this as*ertion. The state of the bo*es and the circumstances surrounding the search that yielded them have not yet been discussed by in’vestigators. On December 4,

Williams is expected to appear in co’urt. The way that Investigators were directed to the location where the girl’s b*dy was discovered is still a m*stery. The girl’s mother, Brianna Williams, 27, was named as a person of interest in the child’s disappearance by

Florida police almost immediately. Williams allegedly stopped collaborating with det’ectives immediately after she reported her kid missing, according to p*lice.

She was de’tained a few weeks ago on su’spicion of child maltreatment and providing fa’lse information to detectives in the course of looking for her kid. She has not been put on tri*l in relation to Taylor’s passing.

Williams was admitted to the h*spital sh*rtly before she was ar*ested after consu’ming an unknown chemical. The mother, who is from Alabama, is a petty officer in the U.S. Navy who is stationed at the Naval Air Station Jacksonville in Florida’s Tac’tical Operations Center.

The cause of the child’s de*th has not been made public. She passed away at an unknown date. Williams is still incarcerated on a $1.1 million bond. She will appear in co’urt on December 4. It wasn’t known if she has a lawyer who could speak for her.


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