Reginae Carter Want Men To Rent Out Stadiums & Movies Theaters On Their First Date: I Want To Be..

Reginae Carter Want Men To Rent Out Stadiums & Movies Theaters On Their First Date: I Want To Be..

Put your seatbelts on. Any man Reginae Carter chooses will undoubtedly be in for a ride because of what she demands in a partner. The Lil Wayne’s daughter can be the object of many men’s desires to make her their lady or to take her out.

But there are a lot of prerequisites for dating the young Carter. Recently, Reginae Carter went live on Instagram to interact with her followers and respond to any questions they might have regarding her personal life. Carter’s fans are aware that she once dated the rapper

YFN Lucci from Atlanta. Between 2018 and 2020, the two had an intermittent relationship. A fan asked her what her dream first date would entail, among other things. Reginae Carter says, “Listen up, y’all, listen up,” as she gets ready to describe her idea of a “nice” first date.

The co-host of Social Society freely admits that she is “extra” and prefers a date who goes “above and beyond” for her. Carter then clarifies the two possible outcomes for their first date. Reginae Carter prefers her partner to tell her she needs to choose an outfit because

he’s taking her out as the first method. Reginae Carter imagines him telling her that he’s already chosen her dress after she acts coy and inquires about his plans for the evening. She continues her detailed vision, stating that this is in fact a first date and not Valentine’s Day.

Reginae Carter envisions grabbing the clothes her date chose for her. The Growing Up Hip Hop reality star expects that her date has send a vehicle to pick her up and take her to wherever the prearranged destination is once she gets ready and takes in how “cute” she looks.

As Reginae Carter mulls over the possibility of where her date might be, she smiles and straightens her hair. The TV celebrity imagines herself driving up to the stadium. Imagine the vacant venue being illuminated by stadium lights as Reginae Carter enters to find a customized set-up for their first date.

Carter clarifies that the man may also choose to rent out a theatre or restaurant if it is not their first date. Reginae Carter stated, “Just something extremely private because I don’t like people in my business like that. Carter then declares that the goal is to have a good time.

When all is said and done, her date will take her home and wait to make sure she arrives safely. Carter refuses to date another man with children, and

her demands add to her earlier claims that her future spouse cannot be a parent. The television personality also declared that after her unsuccessful relationship with YFN Lucci, she will no longer date rappers.


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