Reality Star Cynthia Bailey Told Her Marriages Aren’t Working Out Bcoz Her Soul Mate Is Her Ex, Leon

Reality Star Cynthia Bailey Told Her Marriages Aren’t Working Out Bcoz Her Soul Mate Is Her Ex, Leon

Cynthia Bailey, a Real Housewives star, has re-entered the dating scene. The reality television star believed she had discovered Mike Hill, a sports announcer, and their happily ever after.

Despite having a very promising relationship, the couple announced their separation one day after their second anniversary. While some fans are astonished, others believe that Bailey will benefit from it. Many people think Leon, the baby’s father, has always been her true soul mate.


Cynthia was so certain she had found the one that she vowed to remain single for the rest of her life if she and Mike did not get along. In an effort to preserve her marriage,

Cynthia decided against joining the franchise after they got married. Sadly, given that they are no longer together, she could have to regret saying those things. Mike and Cynthia were open about going through a difficult time before their one-year wedding anniversary.


The Real Housewives franchise was launched with Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband Peter Thomas. The two dated from 2010 and 2017, and the show featured their wedding. For many fans,

Cynthia’s relationship with actor Leon has lasted the longest despite her past marriages to both Peter Thomas and Mike Hill. Leon was a heartthrob of the 1980s and 1990s, and his fame has only risen with time. He continues to be adored by women, and all of his movies are recognized as cult masterpieces.

The couple frequently talked about money and infidelity-related issues. Much to the disappointment of their fans, they made the decision to part ways around 2016. She will ultimately file a lawsuit against him in 2020 for $170,000 from an unpaid loan related to one of their enterprises.

Fans continue to hold out hope that Leon and Cynthia would one day renew their relationship even though it has been several years since they were together. One supporter bemoaned, Cynthia really made those ppl travel to her Covid wedding just to get divorced two years later, child.

Another user expressed their opinion that Leon is a better option, noting that Cynthia Bailey now only needs to reunite with her badass baby daddy Leon.


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