R&B Singer R. Kelly Denies That’s His Voice On New Album: ‘I Didn’t Admit Anything, I’m Being Set Up’

R&B Singer R. Kelly Denies That’s His Voice On New Album: ‘I Didn’t Admit Anything, I’m Being Set Up’

R. Kelly’s new album launch on Friday had everyone talking. The album, titled I mentioned It, was initially wonder to be a new body of work and admission of g’uilt by the embroiled R&B star who is now behind bars. Instead,

it turned out to be an il’legal repackaging and launch of old demos and an 18-minute album launched in 2018 titled “I Admit It I Did It.” R. Kelly talked to the press today through a phone call from behind bars to describe his thoughts on the song and how he had nothing to do with it.

R. Kelly has been locked up since 2019 in relationship to his numerous indiscretions. The disgraced vocalist is already serving 30 years from the case in New York and awaiting his sentencing for the 2nd batch of charges.

Coming at obviously the worst time for Kelly, who is now seeking an appeal, the bootleg R. Kelly album resurfaced the 18-minute album where R. Kelly planned to admit to countless stuffs in his life to evidenced he is not lying while dispelling decades of fake reports.The song was originally launched during the height of #MuteRKelly and went virtually not noticed by the public, in spite of a 4-year-old video of it on youtube having over 4 million views. While that clip is still up, Sony Music deleted the album.

from streaming platforms and scrubbed it fully from the social media. In a phone call from behind bar, R. Kelly says he did not launch the album, nor does he have any intentions of launching new music right now. Robert’s target is instead making sure his appeal goes via.“Apparently somebody done faked an album called ‘I Admit It’ as if it was me putting it out. My only target is the appeal. It looked like someone desires this album out to mess with the appeal.” R. Kelly said, “that’s not my album,” and even desired people to familiar that it was not his voice on the album.

The Federal Bureau of jails aithenticatre that Robert did not record an album behind bars and other sources authenticate that it was uploaded via Ingrooves, a distributor of Universal Music Group with no ties to Sony Music.


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