R&B Singer August Alsina Recently Paralyed, Jumped By Tory Lanez & 8 Others Backstage At Show

R&B Singer August Alsina Recently Paralyed, Jumped By Tory Lanez & 8 Others Backstage At Show

Jada Pinkett Smith claimed that the reason for her relationship with R&B star August Alsina, which she initially revealed, was to aid in his recuperation. Through their kids, Jaden and Willow, August became a family friend. Jada and August developed a

strong bond over her desire to see Jaden get better. August’s troubles have been eclipsed by the controversy that followed the full disclosure of their “entanglement” since he first discussed them with Jada on the Red Table Talk. Alsina is warning his followers

that his health problems are far from resolved now that he is involved in some fresh drama. After implying that it was his “final journey around the sun” last summer, August worried supporters. This was in preparation for new songs, some of which he said at the time would be his final.

“While I’m here on my final lap around the sun, I hope we can appreciate one other. In 2017, August Alsina first disclosed how serious his sickness was. He added that he suffered from an autoimmune liver ailment that frequently left him in excruciating discomfort.

He claimed that the illness constantly pits his liver against itself. Alsina has been in and out of the spotlight over the years. After it was discovered that the illness was causing nerve damage and making it difficult for him to move or act, he postponed a few shows in 2019.

August yet appears adamant about going out again. Sadly, this has led to even more controversy surrounding him. After bumping into the diminutive rapper Tory Lanez at an event, August posted on social media to claim that he had been attacked by the rapper and eight other people.

August claims that Tory’s team had video of the altercation and pushed them to make it public. Lanez maintains his innocence and asserts that he has been working in the studio and is unaware of what August is discussing.


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