Ray J and Princess Love Divorce Turns Ugly and Now Headed To Trial, Ray J Doesn’t Want To Pay Spousal Support

Ray J and Princess Love Divorce Turns Ugly and Now Headed To Trial, Ray J Doesn’t Want To Pay Spousal Support

Reality star and R&B singer Ray J is finally heading for divorce after several attempts. He and his wife, Princess Love, have had a tumultuous union that has played out pretty heavily on our television screens, fueling several storylines of Love & Hip-Hop. Now they are heading for the courtroom in a showdown to figure out how they will divide up their assets and amicably go their separate ways. Unfortunately, Ray J is putting up a fight, claiming his estranged wife is asking for more than she deserves.

Ray J and Princess Love have announced their plans to divorce twice already, and this time around, they’re seeing it through. They married in 2016 and shared two children, Epik Ray, and Melody Love. They had been together four years prior to making things official, and at the time, Ray J fully believed that their love would endure. “Even when I wasn’t with her, I told my friends, ‘She the one, she the one.’ It was just something about how I felt when she was around me,” he told People Magazine at the time. Love echoed those sentiments, claiming he was the only person she could not see herself without.

The duo’s love was already dramatic before marriage, and it seemed like things just got worst after walking down the aisle. Princess filed for divorce first in 2019, claiming that Ray J left her and their daughter stranded in Las Vegas. Ray J fired back, posting video of himself still in Vegas, just staying at a different hotel. She filed in March of 2020 but asked for the filing to be retracted two months later.

Ray J then filed in September of that year and later claimed to be heartbroken following Love leaving him alone in the hospital with pneumonia. He would eventually move to his own place in Miami just in time for an installment of Love and Hip-Hop’s Miami franchise. Eventually, he and Love would share some explosive television arguments where they revealed they’d opened their marriage to other women but still had issues.

Ray J had everyone concerned not too long ago, alluding to plans to take his life. It was later reported that he was on vacation with Princess and their children and that she literally had to talk him off the ledge after posting disturbing images of him on a rooftop, reportedly drunk. The third divorce seems to be the final one for Ray J and Princess Love. Today it was revealed that discussions have broken down in mediation, meaning that the parents of two will have to go to trial to sort out how they will be splitting things up.

Ray J has a prenup in order which does not allow Princess Love any spousal support. Princess is pushing back for joint legal custody of their children and spousal support. Ray J is demanding his full earnings from before, during, and after the split. That includes revenue from RayCon Global (which netted him $31 million in 2017), his $5 million dollar cannabis business, and his soon-to-be-announced streaming platform.

During the trial, Ray J and Princess Love will settle visitation rights, child support, attorney fees, and if Princess Love will be entitled to spousal support.


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