Rasheeda Celebrates 23 Years Of Marriage With Kirk Frost: Through Everything: We Pushed TF Through

Rasheeda Celebrates 23 Years Of Marriage With Kirk Frost: Through Everything: We Pushed TF Through

Kirk Frost and Rasheeda are still going strong! According to a tribute she made to her husband on Instagram, the pair recently celebrated 23 years of marriage. The entrepreneur and artist posted a video montage of herself and Kirk having a good time.

Her little video clip featured them in a variety of settings, including romantic getaways, on-set dates, kissing each other passionately, making public appearances, and Kirk getting circled by a Georgia peach. She wrote Kirk a nice letter in the caption,emphasizing how they had persevered despite their ups and downs. I really am at a loss for words to adequately describe our relationship! Love is a complex concept with many facets. Our journey through this life is incredibly incomprehensible, and you are genuinely my soulmate,”

Rasheeda stated. “@frost117, I adore you so much.” We pushed TF through all of the highs and lows, and today we are celebrating 23 years of marriage. Happy anniversary, TF. I love you forever. Regarding their anniversary, Kirk did not post anything on their page.On his Instagram Story, he did, however, repost a few congratulations from close friends and family members, including the one who posted Rasheeda’s message. While publicly praising his wife of 23 years, Frost is a man of few words.

when it comes to their relationship. In May, he shared a video of images from what appeared to be a celebration in honour of her birthday. Only one or two pictures of him and Rasheeda alone were shown; the others were of Rasheeda or him interacting with partygoers.

It’s officially your birthday, @rasheeda. Happy birthday babe, wishing you many blessings, the caption read, along with a few happy birthday emojis and hashtags. The couple went on The Breakfast Club just before Rasheeda’s birthday, May 25, which they were going to celebrate.

They discussed entrepreneurship and “living their relationship in the spotlight,” among other things. Rasheeda emphasized that many people haven’t even been in relationships lasting more than 20 years. They agreed that their 22nd wedding anniversary would be in November at the time.But that figure conflicts with Rasheeda’s anniversary message, just as it does with their declared online marriage year of 1999. However, Rasheeda and Kirk hinted on Breakfast Club that sharing their marriage problems with others was a blessing. Karter, who was born in 2013, and Ky, who was born in 2000, are Rasheed and Kirk’s two children. The happy pair has been together for 23 years.


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