Rapper Snoop Dogg Clarifies How Much He Smokes Daily

Rapper Snoop Dogg Clarifies How Much He Smokes Daily

How much Rapper Snoop Dogg smokes a day has been a trending topic. The hitmaking stoner is a poster boy for cannabis and has made it a big part of his branding and image. Snoop Dogg has rapped about it, starred in films about it, hosted shows about it, and even owns a company. The rapper has a high tolerance for the stuff but recently had to set the record straight after an employee tried to spill the tea on how much Snoop Dogg smokes.

Snoop Dogg reshared a viral meme to his IG that alleges he “smokes 75-150 joints a day.” The post says that according to Snoop’s “official ‘roller,” she’s twisted 450,000 since she started working with him back n 2016. Snoop said, “The [expletive] is conning u, man, ??‍♂️????,” in the caption. Meanwhile, fans in the comments shared laughing emojis and questioned how this is a real job position.

According to Indeed, this is really a job. Snoop’s employee has cracked the market wide open after revealing that she made $50k a year as his private roller. In an interview with HipHopDX, Ranagade PerRana discussed how she landed the job, saying, “I knew a girl that knew the girl that was dealing with using Snoop’s premium nutrients, so they were looking for someone to, I guess, roll up for him.” PerRana goes on to say that she believed it to be a scam for a while but eventually showed up. She was asked to do a “roll-off” against Snoop’s engineer and a cigar specialist from South America and she emerged superior. As a perk of the job, PerRana gets free cannabis and anything else Snoop gets according to the man himself. “Everything free I get, she gets. If I’m gonna get some free clothes, I give her some.”

However, Snoop did recently set the record straight after rumors of how much he smoked hit the net. In a video of his “roaches,” Snoop says, “this is all in a day’s work.” There were about ten there, meaning that she was lying on Snoop. Fans suspect that the woman is actually smoking the other ones or selling them, saying, “She been stealing 130 [of them] a day and now trying to justify the numbers ????.”

Ranagade PerRana later caught up with TMZ to clarify her statement on how much Snoop Dogg smokes. The professional roller also took aim at the media for sensationalizing her story. Ranagade claims she said, she has many clients and on average she rolls 150 on average daily. That number is not directly related to how much Snoop Dogg smokes daily. When asked if she has spoken directly with Snoop Dogg following the story, Ranagade says she has never spoken directly to him.


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