Rapper Jeezy Claims He’s Now Experiencing Pregnancy Symptoms

Rapper Jeezy Claims He’s Now Experiencing Pregnancy Symptoms

Jenkins Jeannie Mai is expected at any moment. With hubby Young Jeezy, the co-host of The Real is at home and eagerly awaiting the birth of “baby J.” Her daughters Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon-Haughton, and Garcelle Beauvais made sure to check in and see.

how the soon-to-be mother is holding up even though they weren’t on set. During the video call, Mai-Jenkins was beaming as she talked about how she is getting ready for the big day and how dad Jeezy is surviving his “pregnancy symptoms” in the last few weeks.Fans got to experience Jeannie Mai-Jerkins’ exciting pregnancy journey alongside her. Mai-Jenkins has been insistent about not wanting children for as long as she has been in the spotlight. For a long time, the host kept her fear of having children a secret,

but after divorcing her first spouse Freddy Harteis, Mai-Jenkins started to explain why. Mai has been open about the vi’olence she had as a child and the animosity she felt for her mother, which made her very afraid of having children. Jeannie was afraid of “ruining” a child.

But when Jeannie Mai-Jenkins met Young Jeezy, everything suddenly changed, and she ultimately made the decision that she wanted to have a kid with him. Through her YouTube channel “Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai” and, of course, her work on The Real,

Mai has kept us completely up to speed on her pregnancy journey. On the morning talk show, she made her pregnancy announcement. Jeannie also talked openly about the large tattoo she had on her stomach as a teenager,which she believed would prove she would never have children. She confessed to her co-hosts during a segment on The Real titled “Baby J Update” that included on-screen graphics, much to Mai-amusement. Jenkin’s She said she is still having trouble remembering her last-minute planning.

Even worse, the expecting mother tried to arrange a trip to Nashville a few weeks before giving birth. Mommy buddy Mai-Jenkins advised her against doing this and to stick close to the hospital, according to Mai-Jenkins. Her hospital bag almost went unbagged.

Her spouse has thankfully reminded her. Jeannie confesses that Jeezy has third-trimester systems when asked how her spouse is doing. The ladies concurred that they had all heard of guys assuming their pregnant spouses’ pregnancy symptoms while she tried to laugh it off.

She was reassured by Adrienne that this was positive news because it showed how well-matched they were and that Jeezy was able to read her feelings.


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