Rapper Eve Gives Update On Pregnancy

Rapper Eve Gives Update On Pregnancy

Rapper, actress and tv host Eve is gearing up for the birth of her first kid. The Hip-hop mogul has been a step mom for years to her husband Maximillion Cooper’s 5 children. Now Eve is months into her first pregnancy and dealing with the pressures of it,

all of which are brand new to her. Fans have been treated to pretty daily updates from Eve, who announced she was expecting around the same time her new series Queens debuted. Heavy on the promo run, the Philly legend is letting people know that no issue how numerous times you’ve seen others going via it,experiencing expecting for herself has still been full of surprises. The 43-year-old has been showing off her growing baby bump on internet ever since making the announcement prior this year. In an instagram post dedicated to her unborn and spouse,

Eve shared how long she’s been waiting on this blessing. The rapper also announced the baby will arrive February 2022. The expecting is a big deal for Eve who has been open about her struggles to have children. The former co-host of The Talk opened last year.

that she had undergone a surgical procedure called myomectomy to declined fibroids from her uterus and improve her opportunity of being able to conceive.  During the conversation, Eve’s co-host Sharon Osborn told her that a friend of hers was able to get pregnant at 50.

Eve told Sharon that the story gave her a huge deal of hope and expressed how upsetting it was for so numerous people to tell her that she had waited too long or should have had children prior in life. The procedure proved to be a great plan for Eve.

She mentioned to having terribly painful periods throughout her life which stopped immediately afterwards. Most specifically, she was also able to get pregnant.  The joys of motherhood have come with their own set of obstacles for Eve although,

who of course is unfamiliar with some of the symptoms of pregnancy since this is her first kid. During a not so far interview with Tamron Hall, Eve says she had a hard time many weeks ago.  She was dealing with feeling ill and having bad headaches and trouble walking.Eve says she went to the hospital twice in the span of a week due to this. Gratefully for Eve, the doctor refused her and let her know that she is “just pregnant.” seem Eve was not prepped for the morning sickness that comes with making a baby. Nobody warned her. As. Per the Mayo Clinic

“Common signs and symptoms of morning sickness adding nausea and vomiting, often triggered by certain odors, spicy foods, heat, excess salivation or — frequently times — no triggers at all. Morning sickness is most common during the first trimester and usually starts by nine weeks later conception.”


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