Rapper Boosie Badazz Goes Online Jamming To R. Kelly Music & Doesn’t Care What Anyone Thinks

Rapper Boosie Badazz Goes Online Jamming To R. Kelly Music & Doesn’t Care What Anyone Thinks

Lil Boosie is never been shy about his help of R. Kelly. He has made it understandable that he felt that the R&B star is not the worst person in the world and still jams to his music whenever possible. So it makes sense that Boosie would be amazing about the

R. Kelly album that hit streaming platforms this morning. Boosie talks about a lot of stuffs in his Vlad interviews, but one topic that always gets a huge reaction out of him is R. Kelly. He has defended the vocalist many times, even asserting that he is better than Prince,

Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder. “R. Kelly the truth!” he said in 2020. “R. Kelly began a generation,” he proclaimed. In a separate discussion prior this year, he told Vlad he felt like R. kelly got over-sent’enced because he is black and has money.

“I can pull up over 10, 11, 13 cases where people have [taken advantage of people]. White people, and got months of probation. He was done dirty. You got people who [ruined] people!” Boosie also bla’mes the lady and their families for pursuing Kelly over the years.

“He was enticing them with a lifestyle. But he wasn’t hiding at the back of the bushes!” The rapper told he did not understand why the parents attached did not also get time, yelling, “It definitely was consensual when it’s the momma and the family! 30,years,

you’re talking about [harming] somebody.” As a result, Boosie has constantly to support Robert, frequently posting clips of himself bla*ting R. Kelly’s huge hits while on vacation. Boosie shared a video of himself bl*sting Kelly’s “I admit It” project today with the caption,“the best to ever do it, you better go listen to the song. Number 1 fan!” He overzealously bopped to the song, while fans cr’iticized him in the comment section for supporting R. Kelly. “I think where his ob*ession & undying support for predators is stemming from? ,”

told one person. Another told, “you all should already know Boosie was going to be the first to listen to this R. kelly’s album has since been pulled from streaming platforms and clear a bootleg by his label. An 18 minute version of the album has been available on Youtube for the last four years.


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