Rapper Big Sean & Jhene Aiko Welcomes Baby Boy, See Pics Of The Couple’s First Baby Together

Rapper Big Sean & Jhene Aiko Welcomes Baby Boy, See Pics Of The Couple’s First Baby Together

Like many other couples, Big Sean and Jhene Aiko have a love story. Aiko and Sean’s on-again, off-again journey was primarily played out in front of the globe, and many people tuned in to see how the couple would end up.

They have taken a big step to become a family with their own child by going through many turns and turns to get to where they are now. Let’s look at the bumpy journey they took to meet their unborn child. Jhene Aiko made her debut as Lil Fizz’s adorable cousin in a number of B2K videos.


She would finally become a solo star and distinctive voice in the neo-R&B genre years later. As a young mother who had broken up with her R&B boyfriend O’Ryan and was attempting to rebuild her life, Aiko’s standout tracks like “The Worst” portrayed her as a gorgeous girl with a dark side.

Big Sean first gained notoriety through Kanye West and the G.O.O.D Music label. Before his personal life started to take centre stage, the gorgeous rapper used his million-dollar smile to score songs with Nicki Minaj and Kanye West. Long before the terrible death of Glee actress Naya Rivera,


Sean and Naya were set to wed. After that, he had a brief relationship with pop diva Ariana Grande; they even co-wrote some successful songs. All paths would eventually lead him back to Jhene Aiko, with whom he had previously collaborated.

The two met in 2012 while collaborating with No I.D., a legendary producer. The tracks “Beware” and “I’m Gonna Be” from Sean’s 2013 album Hall of Fame are the product of these collaborations. At the time,

Jhene made fun of the fact that working with Sean made her feel as though they were engaged in friendly rivalry while still feeling at ease. The 2016 release of Sean and Aiko’s collaborative album Twenty88 made things between them brutally evident.

Their undeniable chemistry was highlighted by the project, and it was further highlighted by the tour that went along with it. Despite the fact that their friendship was plainly thriving, Jhene later wed producer Dot The Genius in a discreet ceremony.

Before ending, the marriage would have lasted for 11 months. In 2018, she inked her boyfriend on her body as a reminder of their love, but by 2019, the couple had broken up. Prior to the album’s release, Jhene assured her followers that she was still in love with Sean and that the record was not about him.

The couple welcomed their bundle of joy on November 8th. Jhene shared some images from the delivery room on Instagram to spread the good news.


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