R. Kelly Still One Of The Music Streamed R&B Artists In 2022, Despite Being Behind Bars

R. Kelly Still One Of The Music Streamed R&B Artists In 2022, Despite Being Behind Bars

R. Kelly is now behind bars, serving time for accusations in the state of New York, and is soon to also be accused in Illinois. Once considered by numerous to be the King of R&B music, Kelly has seen his reputation and legacy left in shreds.

Unable to tour and with the #MuteRKelly movement turning numerous away from his catalog, people are assuming about the state of Kelly’s finances these days. While he promises a ton of money to various companies and people,the vocalist is still bringing in millions of streams. R&B music is in an amazing state right now. While few of its pioneers like Beyonce, are busy making waves in other genres, new behave like Summer Walker are constantly to carry the baton for fiercely vulnerable music.

about love and connection. Walker has been breaking records left and right in the genre and leaving some of her contemporaries in the dust as far as monthly listens and streams. Although, R. Kelly looked like to still be a powerful streamer too,and is getting more monthly listens than a lot of the mainstream R&B artists. Ari Lennox is one of R&B’s more vows stars of the moment. The Dreamville singer just dropped her new album Age Sex Location to rave reviews and acclaim.

In spite of some viral buzz and features from J. Cole and Summer Walker, Ari is only sitting at 4.1 million monthly listeners on Spotify. R. Kelly has been locked at the back of bars since 2019 and the vocalist is still registering 4.7 million listeners on the platform.Other behaves streaming considerably less than R. Kelly include Queen Naija. The internet star turned R&B vocalist commands a pretty impressive catalog, with her high singles on the site all in the 100 million realms, adding her 2018 single “Medicine.”

Queen is now on tour with Mary J. Blige as well. Somehow, she falls under R. Kelly in streams, bringing in only 3 million monthly listeners. It is not only new artists either. Establish veterans like Monica are just enjoying about 3.7 monthly followers In spite of singles like.“Why I Love You So Much” enjoying viral success on TikTok. Brandy is doing a quite better, clocking in 4.4 million subscribers, but still not enough to best R. Kelly. Even with renewed interest in her back catalog and a hit solo with Daniel Cesar in the last few years.

So why is it that R. Kelly remain has such staying power? His top-streamed album is the “Ignition” remix which is closing in on 500 million streams. “I Believe I Can Fly,” “I’m a Flirt,” and “Same Girl” are following close at the back of it.His Ludacris-assisted record “Legs Shakin’” is also climbing up in the ranks with 11 million streams grateful to a viral challenge on TikTok. There are now 723,000 videos on the platform of the video.Fans of R. Kelly do constantly to support him on Twitter, asserting he’s been set up and thinking how he is taking the fall alone for accusations of racketeering and organized crime.


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