Prayers Up: Al B Sure Speaks Out After Being Hospitalized For Two Months

Prayers Up: Al B Sure Speaks Out After Being Hospitalized For Two Months

Al B Sure is currently receiving a tonne of love and light from us. Al B Sure Jr., his son, stated that Al B has recently returned from a two-month hospital stint, which has gone almost entirely unnoticed. Al B. Jr. thanked everyone for their birthday greetings on Monday,

October 31, 2022, and for their support of his father throughout his protracted hospitalization and subsequent recovery. Thank you all for the birthday greetings! Been somewhat absent and absorbed in my own world! @officialalbsure POPS has only recently left the hospital.after spending two months there!  I’m now considerably better and prepared to resume my normal activities! The time has come to pop the f*ck. There is work to be done! And places to travel! I appreciate your compassion and worry for my family.

Although it’s my day,  this is for my dad! He needs to leave that f**king hospital, that’s all! We require you, huge homie! And value everyone of you. Al B Jr., Al B’s son Al B Sure also tweeted about his condition on October 31.In the tweet, he urged people to take care of their health and included a recovery photo of hospital staff members helping him appear to walk on his own. A very sincere thank you from my family at @WBLS1075NYC for your prayers.

I’m healthy, alert, and alive. Al B Sure has recently been open about his health issues. In an earlier interview, he disclosed that in an effort to control his diabetes and other health problems, he had geriatric surgery: Health-wise,I was categorised as medically obese. I was over 309 pounds. I had to take action immediately. I exerted every effort to put myself in a position where I could take advantage of God’s favours and feel comfortable rather than unwell. having type 2 diabetes and several issues related to weight.


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