Porsha Surprisingly Just Clapped Back At Shemar Moore For Dissin’ Her Frenemy Phaedra

Porsha Surprisingly Just Clapped Back At Shemar Moore For Dissin’ Her Frenemy Phaedra

Everyone believed Frick and Frack had split up after their dramatic altercation at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. However, following Porsha Williams’ recent defence of Phaedra, some fans are left to wonder if there is still hope. In case you missed it,

Phaedra’s Instagram post regarding Shemar Moore was recently the subject of discussion on Dish Nation Atlanta, and the host vehemently defended her ex-best pal. Porsha apparently expressed her displeasure with Shemar’s dero’gatory remarks towards Phaedra.

She made reference to the well-known actor when speaking with Da Brat, but she didn’t stop there. She also had nothing but praise for Phaedra. Although Shemar claimed in his most recent social media video that he was putting an end to the rumours,

Porsha maintains that he could have handled the situation without involving Phaedra. Why did he need to mention Phaedra? She didn’t claim to be dating him. Who posts on the internet that you are dating a lovely woman? She secured employment and money.

Da Brat: All he wanted to do was explain. Porsha: Who goes and says it’s wrong when most males lie on their penis? He didn’t have to include her completely in it. You didn’t need to travel so far. Shemar’s answer to Phaedra’s article and the relationship

allegations was followed by Porsha’s retort. Unfortunately for Shemar, all of the discussion has led to new inquiries about his sexual orientation. People frequently speculate about what is really going on because he is rarely seen with ladies. He made the decision to

confront the issue at hand as a result. Here is Shemar’s article: Shemar and Phaedra appeared on Watch What Happens Live in December of last year, according to the picture Phaedra uploaded of them together. For those who missed it, Phaedra and Shemar were very flirty,

and it was clear they clicked. Fans speculated whether Phaedra and Shemar would get closer after that night, but the whispers immediately di’ed off.

However, a new concern has emerged: when will Frick and Frack actually get back together? Only time will tell how everything comes out, but it appears like these two women have a chance.


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