Police Report Shows Shanquella Robinson Was Alive When Doctors Arrived At The Scene

Police Report Shows Shanquella Robinson Was Alive When Doctors Arrived At The Scene

Newly unveiled information from a police report disclosed that Shanquella Robinson was alive when medical personnel arrived at the vacation house she was staying at with friends. Robinson passed away one day later arriving in Cabo,

Mexico last month for a vacation with friends. There have been mixed reports about how the 25-year-old d’ied. Initial reports asserted Robinson’s de’ath certificate told she passed away within 15 minutes of being i’njured on October 29.But now a police report asserts Robinson was alive with a doctor from a local hospital and others in the home for about to 3 hours before she was pronounced d’ead, the Charlotte Observer reports. While it was initially claimed that Robinson passed away from a’lcohol p’oisoning,

an autopsy opened that Robinson passed away from i’njuries to her back and neck. The police informations also says that Robinson suffered c’ardiac a’rrest. In wake of her d’eath, the FBI and Mexican authorities have published investigationslater social media turned the s’uspicious d’eath into a trending topic. The lack of fa’ctual proofs and co’nflicting explanations from the group Robinson traveled with has led to her story going v’iral. The hashtag #JusticeForShanquella has been trending across internet.

with numerous calling for the arrest of those who were in the home with Robinson. A video circulating which showing Robinson being p’hysically a’ttacked by one of her female friends on the trip which has led numerous to demand her a’rrest.

Robinson’s family has also asked her d’eath and believes she was “at’tacked” by the group she was vacationing with. It looked like, my daughter was asleep, ma’am… For all of them to be in that room…. And she’s naked, ma’am,” he described while fi’ghting back tears.

“For a dad, to see that clip, ma’am, my daughter’s not a fi’ghter, ma’am.” They just put a hole in my heart, ma’am. That was my only kid. I’m just devastated, ma’am.” Investigations is remain ongoing as n’umerous demand answers and verdict.


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