Police Report Reveals Shanquella Robinson Spent 3 Hours With A Doctor Before She Died

Police Report Reveals Shanquella Robinson Spent 3 Hours With A Doctor Before She Died

New Information Has Been Released On The De*th Of Shanquella Robinson As per to e’xcerpts from a p*lice re’port obta’ined by The Charlotte Observer, a doctor from a local hospital in Cabo,

Mexico was with Robinson and other house person for almost 3 hours before she was pronounced passed away on Oct. 29. and The partial p’ol’ice report was provided to The Charlotte inv’est’ig*ter by an in’ve*tiga’tive reporter for MetropoliMx, a news publication in Mexico.


In the doc, auth*rities tell at 2:13 p.m. on Oct. 29, medical aid was sum’m*n’ed to the Villa where Robinson and her vacation crew were living, located in San José del Cabo. An hour after Dr. Gutiérrez from the American Medical Center, a local hospital in the area,

visited to assist Robinson. Gutiérrez was then said by others at the home that Robinson had “d*u*k. He then planned to give Robinson an IV. The report goes on to tell that Gutiérrez found “a female” understood in the report to be Robinsonwith stable vital marks but dehy’dr’a’ted, unable to communicate verbally, and appearing to be in’ebria’ted. and Gutiérrez then said, the other housemates he trusts Robinson needed to be tran’sferred to a hospital, but her friends insisted that she be behaved at the Villa.

Dr. Gutiérrez then at’te*pt to give Robinson an IV but was unsuccessful. According to the p*lice rep’ort, an hour into Gutiérrez’s house visit Robinson starts to have a sei’zu’r*. 911 was called shortly later by one of the housemates. By this point,

Shanquella Robinson was stru*gli’ng to live. She was suf’fering from to’ugh brea’thi’ng and a lowered pulse. At 4:49 p.m. Gutierrez detected Robinson had stopped having a pulse. They su’d’de’nly starts giving her CPR. The report told p*lice arrived at 5:25 p.m. and paramedics “administered a total of 14 rounds of CPR,

5 times of adrenaline, and 6 discharges without success.” Shanquella Robinson was pronounced d*ad at 5:57 p.m., as per the report. It’s worth addressing that none of Robinson’s physical injuries were addressed in the report. As per a Mexican aut*psy report,Robinson’s cause of de’mi’se was “many spi’nal cord in*ury and atlas lu’xat’ion,” which has left her family searching for answers. Shanquella Robinson passed away within the first 24 hours of a group trip to Cabo, Mexico, and now her family is trying to piece together why and how she passed away.

The 25-year-old goes on a trip to Mexico with her friends and never made it back alive. And while her passed is indeed tr*gi’c, it was how she passed away that was generating an outsized amount of commentary on internet.Robinson goes to Cabo with a group of six friends and was discover passing in a hotel room less than 24 hours after. The friends called her mother told she passed away cause of alc*h*l poi*ning, but an aut*psy report showed her neck had been br*ken and her sp’ine was cr’ack’ed.


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