PICS: Sharon Osbourne 70, Looks Very Fresh-Faced As She Steps Out With Son Jack, His Fiancée Aree Gearhart & Their Daughter Maple In LA

PICS: Sharon Osbourne 70, Looks Very Fresh-Faced As She Steps Out With Son Jack, His Fiancée Aree Gearhart & Their Daughter Maple In LA

Eight months after disclosing her ‘horrendous’ 2021 facelift, the TV judge, 70, showed off her taut, radiant, and line-free face as she greeted her son, 37, his partner, 31, and their baby, five months, ahead of a day of house-hunting in California.

Sharon looked stunning as she dressed in a black jacket and scarf, styled her red hair neatly, and added rose gloss and eyeliner to emphasize her features. Sharon, a proud grandparent, was observed during the day giving her granddaughter Maple a kiss and a grin.

Jack, a father of four, dressed for the day in a black hoodie, pants, and an orange hat, while Aree donned a patterned jumper. The appearance comes eight months after Sharon, who has always been candid about her plastic surgery, disclosed that the previous year she had

a ‘horrendous’ apparent fifth facelift. The former co-host of The Talk revealed in an interview with The Sunday Times that she underwent a facelift in 2021 and that the results were “horrendous.” “I tell you, it was terrible.” I said, “You’ve got to be f***** joking,” to the surgeon.The two eyes were not identical. I had the appearance of a Cyclops. All I need is a hunchback, I’m like, she recalled. According to the British-American media personality, the procedure was performed in October 2021. I underwent a full facelift in October, and I felt like one of those

f***** bandaged mummies, she claimed. “It ached awfully bad.” You have no clue,’ she said about the lengthy cosmetic procedure, which lasted five and a half hours. The legendary musician and author’s spouse Ozzy Osbourne, 73,

reportedly agreed that the outcomes weren’t ideal and offered to pay to rectify it. Sharon, who has children with Ozzy named Aimee, Kelly, and Jack, ages 38, 37, and 36 respectively, stated he said, “I don’t care how much it costs, we’ll get it restored.”

The celebrity wore a flawless face in March while going to the 30th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party hosted by the Elton John AIDS Foundation in West Hollywood, California. Osbourne has never been secretive about the surgeries she’s had over the years,

which include a gastric band, full facelift, stomach tuck, an eyelift, abdominoplasty, and botox. The former X Factor contestant made her fourth facelift debut in September 2019, when her show The Talk resumed for its tenth season.The celebrity admitted to the audience that she lifted “everything up” to look “more rejuvenated” five weeks prior to the performance. Everything was simply raised to make it appear more renewed. Additionally, she was a living example of the proverb “beauty is pain,”

admitting that she was still in “a little bit of discomfort,” particularly beneath her chin. She said, ‘You can’t complain when you decided to do it,’ acknowledging that she was the one who caused the agony.


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