Paris Jackson Dropped Gems About Dad, MJ, Being Kil’led And Her Blackness: I’m Not White

Paris Jackson Dropped Gems About Dad, MJ, Being Kil’led And Her Blackness: I’m Not White

Paris Jackson, the 23-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson, just conducted her first in-depth interview, and she had no problem addressing the world both her truths and those of her father. Watch what she said about the as’sassination of Michael Jackson,

what he told her, her race, and much more. Paris opened up in an interview with Rolling Stone, and it looks like she’s been waiting for this chance to finally get a lot of things off her chest. Here are a few quotes from Paris’ interview with Rolling Stone.where she makes suggestions as to who she believes ki’lled her father. According to RS, AEG Live, the promoters of the upcoming This Is It tour, are still unpopular in Paris. She claims that AEG Live does not treat its performers fairly.

They exhaust them completely and put them to death. (AEG’s spokesperson declined to respond.) She also recalled how her father was “e’xhausted” and “couldn’t sleep all the time” during the AEG tour, and she believes that the de’ath of MJ is much more significant than that of Dr. Murray.Paris attributes the dependency on the a’naesthetic drug propofol that resulted in her father’s de’ath to Dr. Conrad Murray, who was found gu’ilty of involuntary manslaughter. She refers to him as the “doctor” in ironic air quotes.

But she has more sinister thoughts regarding her father’s passing. She claims that he would make clues that someone was trying to harm him. They’re going to k’ill me one day, he thought at one time. But who would have desired the d’eath of Michael Jackson?

After pausing for many seconds, maybe weighing her response, Paris finally responds, “A lot of people.” Paris seeks justice or at least retribution. Paris also wanted the world to know that, despite the fact that some people think of her as White,

she does not identify as such. She claims to be a Black woman who learned to be proud of her ra’ce from her father. She makes st’ern eye contact and declares, “He [Michael Jackson] is my father.” Paris claimed that her father, MJ,was extremely specific in telling her and her brothers the truth about America: In addition to loving us, Paris claims that his main concern for us was education. At the age of nine, MJ would sob and confide in Paris about the abuse he receives from society.

She claims, while hunched over the counter of a New York coffee shop in the middle of December and clutching a tiny spoon in her palm, that my dad used to cry to me at night. She also begins to sob. Wow… Paris was really vocal. It seems that even then, Michael Jackson was very honest with his children. Has to be loved.


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