Oscar-Winning Actress Octavia Spencer Receives A Star On Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame

Oscar-Winning Actress Octavia Spencer Receives A Star On Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame

Actress Octavia Spencer receives a star on Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame.

On Thursday, the award-winning actress was given her flowers for the mark she’s made in the entertainment industry. Spencer was overwhelmed with emotions and admitted to “trying to keep it together because I know I haven’t taken all of my pictures yet, and I want my makeup to be pretty.”

The 52-year old star was surrounded by family along with many friends and colleagues, including her “The Help” co-stars Davis and Allison Janney.


She was also joined by her “Spirited” co-star Will Ferrell who shot down a heckler who was interrupting the ceremony. The heckler repeatedly accused the ceremony of “celebrating rich people.”

“Not on Octavia’s day!,” Ferrell shouted as they shooed the man along. “Keep it moving. Keep it moving. The wax museum’s down there. That thing is wide open.”


During her acceptance speech, Spencer thanked her family, her team, and all of the people who supported her in her career.

“If you happen upon my star, while mine will be the only name you see, remember all the names that I just named, the people that I just named today. My Village,” Spencer said.

She continued, “They’re only a fraction of the people that guide me from behind the scenes. For me, this isn’t a solitary achievement. For me, it took my family, my tribe, my village, and I thank you.”

In addition to her many guests who attended the ceremony, another one, in particular, stood out from the rest. “Aubie The Tiger,” the mascot of Spencer’s alma mater Auburn University, also made an appearance on her special day.


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