Oprah Surprisingly Endorses New Rapper Cardi B. & Many Fans Are Beyond Confused Over It

Oprah Surprisingly Endorses New Rapper Cardi B. & Many Fans Are Beyond Confused Over It

Oprah Winfrey now has her fans profusely confused later seeing one of her recent Instagram posts. On Friday (4/6/18) the 64 year old media mogul sent the ‘Gram into a frenzy- or better yet, a state of mass confusion-

when she showed crazy love to 25 year old reality-star-turned-rapper, Cardi B.. Everyone, adding Cardi B., and they’re fans sounded off over this. Check out what took. Place below… Prior we get into Oprah’s post, let us describe for numerous of our fellow old schoolers who may be going,‘Who in the hell is Cardi B.?’… Cardi’s a hip hop success story. However, the African Trinidadian/Dominican rapper became widely familiar as the likable, yet ratchet cast member on “Love & Hip Hop NY,”

she literally had a tough life and clawed her way out of it. Born into poverty, the Bronx, NY native escaped domestic violence, became a Blood gang member and was an exotic dancer for many years, while simultaneously working difficult to get her music career poppin.’Her “LHHNY” fame propelled her into mainstream superstardom and her music career blossomed looking like overnight. Cardi’s 2017 single, “Bodak Yellow,” hit #1 on Billboard, making her the second female rapper to ever do so with a solo- Lauryn Hill was the debut in 1998.

Now that Cardi’s new album, “Invasion of Privacy,” launched on Friday, April 6, 2018, Oprah has taken to Instagram to show love… Below is the post that Oprah shared on her official Oprah Magazine website. In the picture, Oprah is shown waving her finger in the air,with her closed eyes, as if she’s feeling to music, with a caption that read: “Listening to that new Cardi B son. However, Oprah’s caption was short and sweet, it understandably caught the attention of numerous for SO many reasons: (1) Oprah has never been famous to be a hardcore fan of of hip hop;

(2) At 64 years young, she doesn’t necessarily fit the typical age demographic of Cardi’s fans; (3) Oprah rarely -if ever- endorses ANYONE, especially rappers; (4) Well, we could go on and on, but you all get the point about all the stuffs that Oprah has projected herself to be and not be throughout the years. Thus comes fans confusion…

Whether they were for it, or opposite it, fans suddenly attempt to decipher what Oprah’s true intentions and/or motive is at back of her rare Cardi B. endorsement. Here’s a small sample of what numerous had to say on internet: annoyed24.7: This has to be a paid ad cause Oprah ass doesn’t heard to Cardi. But it’s working cause her fandom will solely believe it.


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