Oprah Cuts Deal That Adds $70M’s To Her Billions, But There’s Another Black Woman Who’s Richer

Oprah Cuts Deal That Adds $70M’s To Her Billions, But There’s Another Black Woman Who’s Richer

Oprah Winfrey is an amazing inspiration to people over the world. She was the first African American lady to earn a billion dollar net worth. Today at 63 years of age, she has just included an additional $70 million to the $2.7 BILLION she already had!

You would wonder that puts her at the top of the list as far as Black lady billionaires, but shockingly it doesn’t. Oprah has just cut a contract with her network partner Discovery that has expanded her bank account in one rip. Here’s what was stated: Through CNBC:

Discovery Communications will become the community owner of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. The company told on Monday it will increase its ownership stake in Oprah Winfrey’s network to 70 percent. OWN, which published in 2011,

was earlier a joint venture between Discovery and Winfrey’s Harpo, Inc. Discovery paid $70 million to acquire an additional 24.5 percent stake in OWN, later factoring in net debt. Harpo, Inc. will still a minority investor, and Winfrey will remain CEO of OWN with an exclusivity commitment via 2025.

OWN’s majority stake fits with Discovery’s decisions to raise its leverage with pay TV operators and potentially launch its own direct-to-consumer streaming service by acquiring more content. It not so far acquired Scripps Networks in July in a cash-and-stock deal worth $14.6 billion.

Together, Discovery and Scripps content reach 20 percent of U.S. 25 to 54-year-olds. Including OWN to the mix could boost African-American viewership numbers. Daaaaamn Oprah! Mo, money, mo’ money, mo’ money!!! Which Back lady is richer than Oprah nevertheless?

Only the richest Black lady in the world, who isn’t too long ahead of Oprah, but remain ahead nonetheless. Her name is Isabel Dos Santos, a 44 year old highly acclaimed investor (and daughter of Angola’s president,

José Eduardo dos Santos) hailing from Angola, South Africa. Ms. Do Santos is worth $3.6 billion, so Oprah’s not so far acquired $70 million OWN network deal puts her right on her heels.


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