Ohio Couple Die HOURS Apart From One Another After 79 Years Marriage

Ohio Couple Die HOURS Apart From One Another After 79 Years Marriage

An Ohio spouse and wife, who were both 100 years old, died just hours separated from one another, later 79 years of wedding. June and Hubert Malicote’s love story came to an end last week later nearly eight decades together, and as per their son, Sam, 76 year old,

the duo ‘went out together.’ Sam said, Dayton Daily News that his mom fell gravely ill the day later Thanksgiving, and was put on end of life care at Hospice of Hamilton in Ohio. And seeing his wife deteriorate was too much for Hubert to bare,

who soon ‘broke down,’ and was mentioned to the same care center. He fell apart, truly,’ told their son, Sam. The duo shared a room at the hospice center, where they were both unconscious for 5 days. But at around 9 pm on November 30, Hubert sadly died in his sleep.

And as per Sam, his reason of death was a ‘broken heart.’ 20 hours after, at around 6pm on December 1, June also passed away. They goes out together,’ Sam said, the outlet. ‘I feel sad, but I shouldn’t. Who can expect to live a life like that?

They lived a far, happy life together and they were devoted to God and the family.’ The pair, who both grew up in Kentucky, first encounter in 1941 at a church service and tied the knot one year after, when they were both 20, while Hubert was house on leave from the US Navy.

When I saw her, I told she will be a good one,’ Hubert previously said, CBS affiliate Local 12. Later, the war, they settled in Hamilton, Ohio, together, where Hubert landed a job at the retail technology company Diebold Inc. They greeted 3 kids over the years,

who went on to give them 7 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. June opted to be a stay-at-house mother, something Hubert told she was ‘terrific’ at. ‘She was a terrific stay-at-home mother,’ he recalled to WLWT. ‘She made the girls’ dresses. She planted a big garden.

She canned and preserved, she was a good stay-at-home mom.’ Back in June, later celebrating their 79th marriage anniversary, the duo sat down with

Today Parents to share some private into their long-lasting love, and Hubert said, the outlet that they made it their mission to never get into a serious argument.


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