Oh Wow! Real Housewives’ Porsha Shaves Her Head Bald All & Looks Beautiful

Oh Wow! Real Housewives’ Porsha Shaves Her Head Bald All & Looks Beautiful

Porsha Williams of the real housewives of Atlanta done pulled a sanaa lathan on us and we’re lovin’ it! Like Sanaa, Porsha is a very gorgeous lady hands down, who can rock a paper bag and a mullet haircut and even be a banger. Sure,

she earlier thought Harriet Tubman even built a real underground railroad that runs from state to state, in order to free slaves. But we’re not speaking about her mind her people, we’re speaking about the incredible amount of magnificence she’s graced with.Moving on… So we all have noticed Porsha, on the real housewives of Atlanta, wearing her weaves and wigs. On Thursday (10-12-17) though, her fans got a a surprise when Porsha hi’t ’em with a bald head and ki’lled it!

She debuted her new glance on Instagram and indicated that her decision to chop it off was motivated by Sanaa Lathan’s current bald ‘do. I must admit that Porsha wasn’t one I’d think would have the bravery to cut it all off, but I notice I was obviously wrong.Ol’ girl workin’ the hell outta her baldness though! Get it Porsha! Now in case y’all missed the lady who have entered the bald revolution lately, here are a few of ’em in all their shaved head glory… Earlier Sanaa, there was K. Michelle.

A few months before Sanaa shook up the internet with her bald swag, vocalist/reality star, K. Michelle, shaved it all off to assist her be more attached with herself, as she clarified online. And their sista from another mista, actress, Kate Hudson,

Goldie Hawn’s daughter has been feeling liberated lately after cutting all her hair off for a a film role too…
And of course we can’t forget about vocalist, Keke Wyatt who’s justification for shaving her head before this year,

was the most touching reason out of all of them. As her teen son was going through h’arsh chemotherapy to treat his cancer, Keke emotionally took to social media to shave her head bald on Instagram Live. Her brother, Keever Wyatt, did her the honors.Of course we can’t speak about those beautiful ladies without giving some of the ones who did waaaay before them, their props. So without further ado, we compliment Erykah Badu, India Arie, sinead O’Connor, and 70’s fashion model, Pat Evans she posed with Isaac Hayes and on several classic Ohio Players album covers.


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