Not True: Despite Online Claims, Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss Had Zero Financial Issues Before Suicide

Not True: Despite Online Claims, Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss Had Zero Financial Issues Before Suicide

Troubled Actor Columbus Short took to internet implying that he knew something the people don’t relating the devastating sui*ide of famed D.J. tWitch. On Wednesday, Columbus shared a video where he started off telling his followers, “You don’t familiar what people are going via.

You know, people made investments. People knew a lot of stuffs.” He constantly, “This is just a theory. people are awful. tWitch was fantastic is still amazing. His legacy shall live on. But, what if you invest in something that took your entite life savings?

Possibly. Yeah, it gets rough.” “I don’t want to talk too much on it,” he told. Short proceeded to name an individual who he asserted owed him money. “I’m not going to kill myself. Pay me my money,” he requested.

This wild asserts forced a source to tell TMZ that those asserts are false. “Sources with direct knowledge tell us that is false — Stephen was not experiencing any sort of financial hardship in the time leading up to his de’ath. What’s moreour law enforcement sources say no one from the family has addressed any sort of financial issues with Stephen.” Sources said to TMZ that “Stephen knew Columbus via the dance world and their personal interactions were always directly associated with working environments.”

Maybe people should chill on playing detective on internet trying to figure out what may have led tWitch to take his own life. As per detail from TMZ, ‘tWitch’ had checked into a motel less than a mile from his home on Monday, carrying a small bag with him.

Hotel employees searched his room after he failed to check out and found him dead in the bathroom from a self-inflicted g*n sh*t w*und.

So long, observation do not rule out any theory, and everything points to the fact that it was something mental that led him to take his own life, since at the scene and on his body, as per initial reports, no signs of any kind of external agg’re’ssion were discover.


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