Nick Cannon Tells Mariah Carey Is Still His ‘Fantasy Love’ Yet He ‘Messed It Up’ after 6 Years of Marriage

Nick Cannon Tells Mariah Carey Is Still His ‘Fantasy Love’ Yet He ‘Messed It Up’ after 6 Years of Marriage

The presenter of “Wild n’ Out, Nick Cannon, says that his time spent with Mariah Carey was a lovely but fleeting fairytale love that he misses, loves, and will never forget.

In 2008, Mariah Carey, 52, and Nick Cannon, 41, started getting to know one another.

After just six weeks of dating, they got married, sh*cking their friends and family. Cannon acknowledged the uproar that such a momentous choice had caused.

He highlighted, nevertheless, that despite the chaos, he and his then wife gave priority to openness and communication

with each other and their loved ones. Carey got a tattoo of “Mrs. Cannon” on her lower back to show their dedication to one another, while Cannon got her name inked across his back from shoulder to shoulder.

Following Carey’s removal of Cannon as a beneficiary of a lucrative Las Vegas agreement,

Cannon filed for divorce. The “Always Be My Baby” singer and Feeding America national spokesperson welcomed their twins on April 30, 2011, giving them the names Moroccan and Monroe.

Cannon tweeted about this anniversary gift, claiming

he would never be able to top it since he was so grateful and in awe of his then-wife. As someone who values honesty and openness, Cannon felt at ease disclosing a few details about how he managed to maintain his marriage. Despite being a family man,

Cannon was not averse to kissing and telling. The former America’s Got Talent host admitted to Us Weekly in an interview that he kept his marriage fresh by keeping things steamy in bed with his now ex-wife. To share their unity and love with their loved ones and the rest of the world,

Nick and Mariah invited everyone into their lives. On social media, Nick persisted in expressing his admiration and devotion for the mother of his firstborns. His denial of the rumours of a divorce, however, was only temporary, according to reports that his union with Mariah was in trouble.


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