Nick Cannon Has The Financial Ability To Provide For His 12th Children, But Does He Have The Time?

Nick Cannon Has The Financial Ability To Provide For His 12th Children, But Does He Have The Time?

Nick Cannon’s ever-expanding family is always in the limelight. From new baby announcements, to the lady having to defend themselves, the actor and his baby mom can’t catch a break. With his 12th kid expected to arrive soon, Cannon looked like to be under a lot of force himself.

Last week he was hospitalized and being treated for pneumonia. One person who stays noticeably out of all the mess is his first wife and mom of his eldest kid Mariah Carey. The queen of Christmas is probably the only mom in the bunch who does not need him for his finances,

but that does not mean that his kid do not need him in the physical sense. Mimi is allegedly getting annoyed with Cannon’s inability to carve out enough time for their twins. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were first related back in 2005 but did not started dating till 2008.

The duo married suddenly and became parents on April 20th, 2011. Monroe and Morrocan were just 3 when their parents separation in 2014, but the 2 have co-parented pretty successfully for a while.

Cannon starts rapidly growing his family a few years after and is now at a grand total of 11 kids with 6 different women. There is now one more baby on the way. Cannon look like to try and be present, showing up for every maternity shoot and often posting his kids.

Although, the tv mogul is super busy and hosts a radio show and several tv shows, including Wild N’ Out, The Masked Singer, and for a while, The Nick Cannon Show. He is also on the road with his Wild N’ Out team and has been selling out shows over the country.

Nick is no superman, although, and has been facing with health issues for a far time as well. His lupus diagnosis keeps him in and out of the hospital, and as not so far as this week, he was taken in for pneumonia. He did a post and delete,

letting fans familiar that he did not need any prayers and would be back on his feet in no time. Not even a day after, Cannon was sharing on the anniversary of the passing of his son Zen Scott who passed away from a brain tumor. “Physically, I’m definitely on the mend,

but Mentally and Spiritually, I’m devastated. Been tossing and turning all night, and as much as I know I need rest, last night I couldn’t sleep at all.”


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