NFL Player Russell Wilson Says If A Man Wouldn’t Marry Himself, He Is Not Ready For Marriage

NFL Player Russell Wilson Says If A Man Wouldn’t Marry Himself, He Is Not Ready For Marriage

Do you remember when everybody wanted to know what R&B sensation Ciara prayed in order to get her husband? “Ciara’s Prayer” was the talk of social media at one point, so much so that it was included on Summer Walker’s sophomore album as an outro.

Women all around inquired about what was it that Russell Wilson did to end up locking Ciara down and getting her “Goodies.”

Of course, we all know about Ciara’s Prayer. But Russell Wilson has been dropping some nuggets that may also explain why Ciara chose him and stayed.


Before meeting and marrying NFL quarterback and Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson, Ciara dated a few high-profile individuals.

The “Level Up” singer is known to be romantically linked to Bow Wow, 50 Cent, NBA player Amar’e Stoudemire, and Future. She was even engaged to the latter in 2013 and had her first son with him, Future Zahir Wilburn, on May 19, 2014.

A string of failed relationships led Ciara to seek the help of her Heavenly Father. During a discussion with Angie Martinez, the singer revealed that she prayed and asked God for a specific set of things she would like in her life and in a partner.

Ciara told the legendary radio host that she prayed for “wisdom” and “discernment,” but also a “God-fearing man.” She also desired a man who loved children, as she already had a son. And while she sought a man who had a heart for God, she also wanted “worldly,” and that would “edify her world.”

In 2015, Ciara’s prayers were answered when she met her now-husband, Russell Wilson. They got engaged not too long after, and in 2016 the couple exchanged vows at the Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England.

Over the years, Ciara and Russell Wilson’s relationship has been heralded as one of the stand-out celebrity couples of this generation. The couple has produced two children from their marriage while Wilson helps to co-parent Ciara’s son with Future.

Russell Wilson speaks highly of his wife at all times. During a conversation the couple had together on Ciara’s Level Up Radio With Ciara, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback gave an account of some advice he received from legendary singer Stevie Wonder. Wilson recalls being at the White House where Stevie Wonder is holding on to his arm when the “Ribbon In The Sky” singer shared some advice. “Hey Russ, love her the way that God would love her,” he recalled Stevie Wonder telling him.

In another interview with ET Online, Russell Wilson spoke on how he keeps his marriage intact with his beautiful wife. Wilson insists the couple does weekly date nights, held on Fridays, and states that he does whatever he can to keep things “sexy” and “romantic.” The NFL star also accredits strong communication with your partner to keep the marriage going. But he also shared that men must possess a level of competition in themselves because men tend to be “settled” in a relationship.

Speaking of communication, Ciara and Russell Wilson shared a piece of a recent conversation that they had. While on the way to a wedding that Wilson would be serving as the officiant, the NFL quarterback posed a question that men should ask themselves before deciding to get married.

“If you’re a guy, you should ask yourself, would you marry yourself?” Russell Wilson asked. Wilson also posed the same question to women. In conclusion, Russell Wilson stated, “If you aren’t ready to marry yourself, you aren’t ready to marry somebody else.” What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with Russell Wilson’s statements?


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