Nervous Woman Walks up to random guy and whispers ‘help’: Now he shares how he became….

Nervous Woman Walks up to random guy and whispers ‘help’: Now he shares how he became….

Lady are accustomed to feelings of fear and surveying the risks of every condition they face on a daily basis. Whether it’s walking down a silent street or returning to their vehicle in a parking lot at night, ladies are always aware of their surroundings and can’t support but feel sacred of what might happen.

As one lady was out walking in New York she was aware of 3 men walking behind her. As she rushed to get her home they constantly following her and feelings of fear overcame her as she marked just how silent her surroundings were.It was then that she saw a man and planned if she didn’t try and questioned for help it perhaps her last chance to discover some safety.The woman approached the stranger embraced her with a tight hug and whispered “please behave like you know me,

3 guys have been following me for a while”. Dane Weeks had been looking down at his mobile and was shocked by her actions. She then grabbed his hand tightly and they both walked the 3 blocks to the lady’s house who told him.

she needed to get back to her son. He also learned that the lady had gone into a shop to try and lose the men but when she went outside she saw they were waiting for outside a restaurant.He asked for sorry to her that she was made to feel like that, and wrote on Twitter: “She told, you are feeling like this, now wonder what every girl and lady felt. “I also thank her for bringing me into the world of lady.”

The woman said to the man that the men had followed her off the train later she was making her way home later working late. Please accept being my hero that night, I truly wonder my son would’ve been motherless & my mom daughterless,” she said Dane.

More than 370,000 people responded to Dane’s tweet. “I didn’t expect this post to touch so numerous people, I needed to get this emotion out and posted it on my account,” he included. “This is devastating, women and girls have to live in this type of fear because us men have put them inside an environment of toxicity. I will do much better.”


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