Neighbors Closely Watch Elderly Woman’s Property For Some Time, Then Finally Make Their Move

Neighbors Closely Watch Elderly Woman’s Property For Some Time, Then Finally Make Their Move

When a 93-year-old woman in Alabama grew too old to take care of her own yard, two neighbors noticed that she was struggling and stepped in to help out in a big way.

Neighbors noticed that the elderly woman who lived next door had stopped taking care of her property, as she had done for years. The 93-year-old had been doing everything herself for years, but became unable as she grew older. Concerned, the neighbors called up Rodney Smith Jr. and Terrence Story for help.

The two young men were willing to help and made her an offer to mow her lawn and landscape her property, completely free of charge.

According to reports, Smith and Story founded an organization called Raising Men Lawn Care Service Company, a nonprofit organization that seeks to give back to the elderly and disabled, while acting as role models for other young men in their community.

The two young men went over to the elderly woman’s home, with all of their equipment, and took care of her property. They plan to return every two weeks to help keep her lawn in perfect shape.

“We did this sweet lady’s lawn today,” Rodney wrote in a Facebook post. He did not share the woman’s name, as she requested to remain anonymous. “She is 93, the neighbors told us that she been out there trying to cut her own lawn. Have no fear, raising man lawn care is going to make sure her lawn is done every two weeks! Making a difference in our community!”

Rodney’s post quickly went viral and the word began spreading on social media about Raising Men Lawn Care and the good work they do in Alabama and Tennessee.

Smith and Story are full time students and run Raising Man in their spare time. The pair has made improving their community their mission and therefore do not charge at all for their lawn care services.

Readers inspired by the story shared their thoughts on social media.

“These are two very nice young men..I wish they were my neighbors,” one user commented. “we should all look after each other…God bless them and I know they will do well in life..”

“Thank you to the 2 young men for helping the elderly lady,” another reader commented. “They are nice and have a heart. Sounds like the group they are with are good Christain people. There needs to be more people like that in this world.”

“Good for them! I wish more young men and women would help the elderly who obviously need assistance,” another user wrote. “Many don’t have families they can rely on.”


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