Ne-Yo Speaks Out On What Happened In His Rocky Marriage To Crystal Smith

Ne-Yo Speaks Out On What Happened In His Rocky Marriage To Crystal Smith

Ne-Yo is currently discussing what went wrong in his troubled marriage to Crystal Renay Smith! And he is divulging a lot of information. Ne-Yo and Crystal Renay wed in February 2016, and on March 15, 2016, they welcomed their son Shaffer Chimere Smith,

Jr. They later had Isabella, 13-month-old, and Roman Alexander-Raj Smith in 2018. Additionally, they have gone through some difficult moments, breaking up and reconciling. Ne-Yo was recently accused of infidelity by Crystal Renay in an Instagram post. 8 years.

8 years of fabrications and trickery. I unintentionally shared my husband and my life for eight years with a large number of women who sold their bodies to him without any form of protection. An Instagram post by Crystal, It would be an understatement to say that

I’m angry and heartbroken. Ne-Yo then pleaded for secrecy. He did, however, discuss their marriage in an interview with Drink Champs. According to him, things were at their worst right before the pandemic. They simply were unable to communicate.

Like, there is obviously a beef, but I’m on tour and won’t see you for three weeks. Those kinds of things. As a result, when the pandemic struck and everyone had to return home, it kind of forced us to sit face to face and discuss the topics we had previously avoided.

The end appeared to be near at that point. There were many places I could have gone when the pandemic struck, but in the beginning, they weren’t really telling us anything, so I was like, “Listen, cats are dying, and we’ve got to go home,” he continued.

I’m leaving to go to my house now that the NBA has ended. My wife doesn’t like me right now, but if we’re going to die, we’ll figure it out, so I’m going where I know my kids are, my mother is, and that’s where I know my wife. That was the method of thought.


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