22 Year Old Pr*gnant Mother passes away, Alongside Her 2 Kids & Their Dad In Cash

22 Year Old Pr*gnant Mother passes away, Alongside Her 2 Kids & Their Dad In Cash

It was a heartbreaking incident when a preant mother passes away with her children and husband in a road aident. The mother was 22 years old, her son was 2 year old and daughter was 7 months old. They d*ed instantly after the including the driver,Travon Nelson,

Kristy Monroe the two children and their father’s brother. At the time of acdent Nelson was driving the car. It was his ex girlfriend’s car. The car sudenly got out of control and the car moved out of the road and forced him to return back to highway.

According to the sources Nelson’s car went on the right side of the road leaving the left side. The driver had no chance of turning the car back. Before he could turn the car a truck came and ht the car. The car got cashed. The mother of Travon and Samuel said in a statement that it is the worst

Mother’s day of their life. She said that it is very hu*ting and she has no words to express her feelings. She said it during a interview with “FIVE ON YOUR SIDE. Yolanda Talley told the relatives and called the emergency services. The family member of Travon said that he was a very loving father to his five children.

Ms. Talley told that since then I am c*ying. She also mentioned that the road is not good enough it is very curvy and full of potholes. One of those who witnessed the situation Anton Meyer told that it was a very horrible scene and a lot of people cane to help and assist the people. Larry Boyd who was driving Nissan is now hospitalized. He is 54 years old.


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