Mother Of Five Kil’led By Her 5 Year Old Son

Mother Of Five Kil’led By Her 5 Year Old Son

A mother reportedly mentioned to intentionally ki*lin’g her 5-year-old daughter before taking her to the hos’pit’al where her b*dy was discovered partially wr’apped in pl’astic and me’sh bags, po’lice officers say.

The in’cident happened on Sunday when Melissa Towne drove to HCA Tomball H’ospital, located just north of Houston, Texas, at approximately 12 p.m. and questioned ho’spital personnel for a wheel chair because “her daughter’s b*dy was hu*tin’g,”

as per a statement from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. An em’ergen’cy room nu’rse walked to Towne’s Jeep Cherokee, where she discovered Towne’s 5-year-old daughter par’tially wra’pped in pl’astic and me’sh bags,” the statement read.

“The kid was not responsive and a la’cera’tion was visible on the kid’s ne’ck.” The 5-year-old girl was pronounced unresponsive afrer 10 minutes. The Tomball Po’lice Department was notified about the de*th and reacted to the ho’spital where

Towne was d*tain’ed and allegedly told the authorities that she ki*le’d her daughter at Spring Creek Park before driving her to the ho’spital, po’lice told. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office C*im’e Scene Units reacted to the c*im’e scene and took over the observa’tions into the de*th.

“Towne was transported to the Sheriff’s Office mu*de’r Unit, where she provided observers with a statement add’ressing to intentionally ki*li’n’g her daughter,” police said, in their statement shared to the media. “The Harris County District Attorney’s

Office accepted a cha*ge of Capital Mu*de’r aga’inst Melissa Towne and she was booked into the Harris County J*il.” ABC New’s Houston station KTRK obtained a statement from the su’rv’ivin’g members of the little girl’s family. “We questioned for privacy and respect for [the sus’pect’s] father,

James, and our family as we all figure out how to grieve her loss and try to figure out how to go on from here. [The 5-year-old girl] has grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and a dad that all loved her de’ar’ly and never thought such

event would happen to such an innocent kid. She will always hold a special place in all of our he’art’s. We will always remember her as the sweetest little girl who never en*ou’nt a s’tranger. She was so full of love and smiles and her bright blue eyes shined so full of cur’iosi’ty.

We are hoping and praying for v’er’dic’t will be served and the hea’rtless m’on’ster who took our sweet girl away from us pay for the inn’ocent life she took.”


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