Mother Of Bow Wow’s Son Says He Has Her Blocked, Can’t Ask Him For Help

Mother Of Bow Wow’s Son Says He Has Her Blocked, Can’t Ask Him For Help

Mother of Bow Wow’s son is calling him out. Rapper Shad Moss, more famously known as Bow Wow, is a father of two children. The former child star now has his own children and has a beautiful relationship with firstborn Shai Moss. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for his relationship with his son. The mother of Bow Wow’s son and second child, Olivia Sky has famously been at odds with the rapper.

Last year, fans of Bow Wow were a bit confused after conflicting reports on his status as a parent. While he seemed to be successfully co-parenting a child with socialite Joie Chavis, there were some doubts about his second child. At the time, Bow Wow did not believe he was the father of 1-year-old Stone Kamin. However, court documents proved he did father the boy, effectively changing the boy’s name to Stone Moss. Despite the news, the rapper continued to disown the baby boy.

Fans were shocked because only a few weeks prior, Bow Wow was being petty on Twitter, denying that he had a second child. He took it a step further, even jokingly quoting Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” The child’s mother, Olivia, ended up having to go to court to get a paternity test so that she could receive child support. Bow Wow quickly changed his tune in the comment section of a post by The Neighborhood Talk, saying, “Such a blessing to have him in my life [heart emoji].”

These days Bow Wow’s page is pretty stacked with photos from his latest lap around the U.S. with the Millenium tour. However, you can still find pictures of Shai sprinkled throughout. Unfortunately, Stone is nowhere to be seen on his page. To make matters worst, he also dismissed Stone’s mother after fans expressed concerns for her. Olivia Sky revealed she had postpartum, which Bow Wow brushed off, revealing that he barely knows her and has never even been photographed with her.

Back in April, Olivia revealed that Bow Wow was not helping her, and she had no one to turn to when she was sick and had to take care of their child alone. “It sucks because I got food poisoning so bad… can’t be in mommy mode and throwing up everywhere,” she said on her IG story. “Can’t even ask his daddy for help because I’m blocked. Never complain, but I am today ….then gonna pray on it and let it go.” The shocking revelation that he had her blocked had everyone talking. “That’s [messed] up. Motherhood is hard; motherhood with no support is even harder smh,” said a supporter.

Unfortunately, it looks like the model and socialite is still going it alone. Her page features several images of her and Stone, usually alone. Meanwhile, Bow Wow has posted his daughter as recently as June and seems to spend a lot of time with her. Fans in his comments continue to question where his son is and why he is not more involved. “How come you never post your son? He’s so cute,” asked one person.

Meanwhile, Olivia and Stone kicked it solo in front of a Christmas tree celebrating the holidays.


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