Whether it is good, bad, or ugly, Mo’Nique will continue to appear on our news feed! Mo’Nique is now advertising her new Las Vegas residency by meeting with the media, but she has apparently encountered a problem. According to reports,

Steve Harvey, a comedian and talk show presenter, and Mo’Nique nearly got into a fight. Apparently, this happened while Mo’Nique was a guest on his talk show. The conversation reportedly soured after Mo’Nique said something disparaging about Whoopi Goldberg.They were about to face off because it had become so hot. When Harvey demanded that the Oscar winner apologies to Whoopi Goldberg, whom she had previously referred to as “the help,” as well as the other celebrities she had publicly criticized, things became tense.

Mo’Nique reportedly became enraged and vowed to punch Steve in the face after hearing his uninvited advice. According to reports, the situation worsened after Harvey explained to her that if she followed through with her threat, her husband would have to confront her.

According to the website, cameras were rolling during the contentious encounter. Whether it will air or end up on the cutting room floor is still up in the air, though. The episode is reportedly scheduled to appear in the upcoming weeks, though.

The comedian allegedly viewed Harvey’s suggestion to be upsetting and offensive. Both A-type personalities refused to budge from their positions, which led her to threaten to slap Harvey in the face. Mo’Nique is said to have snapped right away and vowed to punch Steve in the face after such things were spoken about her.According to the media, cameras were rolling when the two tense personalities verbally sparred with one another. There has been no news on whether that contentious dialogue would be kept in during editing.