Mo’Nique Current Weight Loss Has Her Looking Just Like Gabrielle Union

Mo’Nique Current Weight Loss Has Her Looking Just Like Gabrielle Union

Mo’Nique has experienced a rough year. Nothing has hampered her stardom or weight reduction despite the ups and downs of the Netflix situation and the beef that resulted from it! Mo’Nique began her comic career by criticizing all the thin women in the world.

We all enjoyed her numerous jokes about how much she adored her roughly 300-pound, curvy form at the time. In particular us “heavy” women! Now jump ahead a number of years, and Mo’Nique has been working on losing weight.She has been shrivelling in front of our eyes, and now that she has unveiled her most recent appearance, she does indeed resemble Gabrielle Union. With her most recent and even smaller photographs, Mo’Nique has gained recognition over the past several months and received acclaim from many fans.

She exuded all kinds of seductive feelings for the camera that screamed, “Confident and Sexy!” Look at her weight-loss journey; she reminds us a lot of Gabrielle Union. The entertaining cast of actors and comedians, which includes Mo’Nique, Danny Glover,

Omar Epps, and Gabrielle Union, portrays a family celebrating Christmas together for the first time since their mother passed away. While everyone struggles to get along, Danny Glover portrays the family patriarch who tries to hold everything together.

Gabrielle Union Not only has her mother gone away, but it’s also the first time she’s returned home after being divorced. And as someone who has been in that circumstance, you are just waiting for someone to say something cunning the next time you are with your family.

Mo’Nique (as Aunt May): Some milk tea with boiled tapioca balls to wash it all down. Aunt May, played by Mo’Nique, always tells it how it is. Mo’Nique (as Aunt May): I’m going to use this fork to stab your behind. Is it me you hear? Mo’Nique:

Aunt May really exists. Aunt May is Mr. Glover, Aunt May is you, and Aunt May is me. That person who always says, I’m thinking it and I’m going to say it, is Aunt May. The Oscar-winning actress claims that working with Glover taught her a lot,

including how to unwind in between takes. Mo’Nique: He showed us how to slumber, that’s what he taught us. Danny Glover: I adore it. Mo’Nique: Mr. Glover taught us the terms “End cut” (pretends to sleep) and “Action” (awake), so we were learning a lot. If you’re hoping for some seasonal humour, Christmas might have arrived a bit too soon. It’s currently on display in theatres, “Almost Christmas.”


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