Monica’s ‘Mo Talk’ Radio Show Set For February 2023 Debut On Apple Music

Monica’s ‘Mo Talk’ Radio Show Set For February 2023 Debut On Apple Music

Mo Talk‘s debut has already been rescheduled twice, as it was to initially meant to hit the streaming service in Sept. 2020 and then Oct. 2020.

The Open Roads songstress shared her excitement for the project on Facebook two years ago, expressing her desire to bring “interactive segments” that educate her audience on information they wouldn’t usually receive.

“I have taken the need for this to be far more than a radio show with a playlist only into in-depth consideration,” Monica typed on Facebook in September 2020.

“We want interactive segments that allow our listeners & viewers to obtain information that they wouldn’t usually, experience great interviews all while having a great time listening to their favorite songs, both throwback & current!”

Monica is the latest artist to receive a showcase on Apple Music, as Frank Ocean previously nabbed a radio show of his own.

On Thursday night (Oct. 27), Ocean’s luxury company, Homer, launched the debut episode of its weekly show on Apple’s premiere streaming service.

Ocean labeled Homer Radio’s first episode as “an office soundtrack” and described his radio experience as intended to grant listeners “a one-hour window into what plays around our office after hours.”

Frank released an official statement regarding his new endeavor, with an illustrative passage about his office soundtrack.

“Deluges of artificial light pour from small canisters like those dragons that spring from cylinders, like the never-ending ribbons pulled from a magician’s ear,” the Channel Orange singer detailed. “Media volleys across short distances quickly on the net as Sorkin-like walk and talks travel down the hallways further and further from the sound. This is Homer Radio. Can’t you hear our voice? It’s not a dead line.”


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