Mom of Slain Tourist Shanquella Robinson Blasts FBI for Lack of Progress

Mom of Slain Tourist Shanquella Robinson Blasts FBI for Lack of Progress

After her daughter mys’teri’ously d’i’ed while on vacation in Mexico, the mother is seeking explanations. The mother of a US tourist who ine’xpli’cably passed away at a resort in Mexico said that the FBI is withholding information from her regarding the ca’se,

even though the family is ea’gerly awaiting the administration of ju’stice. “I’m simply trying to wait till someone is taken into cus’to’dy. More than a month after her daughter passed away at the posh Fundadores Beach Club in San José del Cabo,

Shanquella Robinson’s mother, Salamondra Robinson, claimed to the UK’s Independent on Thursday that the FBI was not providing any information. In connection with the 25-year-de’ath, old’s which was ruled to be the result of a “direct at*ac’k,”

Mexican authorities issued an wa’rrant for a sus’pect last week. However, the su’spect’s identity has not been made public, and it is not known if any ar*ests have been made. Although it would not confirm whether any ar*ests or e*traditions had been made,

the FBI told the publication that an inv’estiga’tion was still ongoing. Initially believed to have been ca’us’ed by al*oh*l p*is*ning, Robinson passed away on October 29. However, a de’at’h certificate later revealed she had actually suf’fered “severe spinal cord in*ury and atlas lu*ation,”

an ins’tabi’lity of neck vertebrae. According to Robinson, Shanquella’s travelling companions first informed the family that their daughter had “al*oh*l p*is*ning.”

However, a video showing Shanquella being as*aul*ed by one of the group’s ladies at the opulent rental property later went viral. Later, local officials labelled the ki*ling as a fe*ici’de, the term used to characterize the ki*ling of a woman based solely on her gender.

According to The Washington Post, Deputy Attorney General Antonio López Rodrguez stated that detectives think Shanquella’s injuries were cau’sed by one of the travelling companions. Some of the travellers, according to Salamondra, have already visited the family.

She told the newspaper, “These people looked me in the face and informed me there was no fight in Cabo, they said Shanquella di’ed of al*oh*l into*ica’tion.” Some of the friends returned to the family’s home after the aut*psy report was subsequently made public,

per the publication. Bernard Robinson, Shanquella’s father, also e*pressed his annoyance to The Washington Post. The FBI stated to The Washington Post that it has been a part of the investigation from the start.

Local authorities are in charge of identifying the cause of de’ath when Americans pass away abroad, according to the State Department, which also stated it is keeping an eye on the investigation.


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