Mom Of Chris Tucker’s Child Exposed Shady Things The Mother Of MJ’s Accuser Told Her

Mom Of Chris Tucker’s Child Exposed Shady Things The Mother Of MJ’s Accuser Told Her

As numerous of us familiar by now, comedian, Chris Tucker, and Michael Jackson became good friends later meeting each other in the late 1990’s. Little did they know nevertheless, their friendship and Tucker’s former-girlfriend of 8 years,

would bring forth some cr’itical elements that were key to helping MJ win his kid mo’lestation lawsuit. The case in which MJ was acquitted of all charges, later quickly being charged of molestation, by a teenaged boy he’d help get cured from cancer.At the time of the assertions, Chris Tucker was engaged to the mom of his son, Azja Pryor. Ms. Pryor was also close to MJ and worked in the entertainment field, working as a casting agent for Paramount Studios.During Michael Jackson’s 2005 kid m’olestation trial,

both Chris and Azja authenticate they’d formed a bond with the then 13 year old ac’cuser and his ac’cuser’s family years earlier to the mo’lestation as’sertions. Tucker encounter the family when the accuser’s father approached him at a cancer fundraiser for his son and said Tucker.that his son was cancer stricken. Tucker, having a generous heart, finally introduced the ac’cuser to his and Azja’s then young son, Destin Tucker. The 2 kids formed a friendship and they would all sometimes go out to theme parks and such.Later, meeting Chris Tucker, the asserting family discover a way (not via Tucker) to also pitch their same cancer story to Michael Jackson (however Chris Tucker attempt to stop it, but that’s a entire ‘notha story…read about it HERE) and then all of the families would sometimes hang out at MJ’s Neverland Ranch.


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