Miami Vice Star Still Shining, His Good Looking Grown Kids are also Doing Well, SEE

Miami Vice Star Still Shining, His Good Looking Grown Kids are also Doing Well, SEE

ILOSM family We come across every now and then, a few Old celebs who make us do a double take when we observe them now.

That would be the case for acting legend, Philip Michael Thomas  the 80s pretty boy who was rockin’ the fly suits on the popular series as Detective Ricardo Tubbs, Miami Vice. We did a lil’ digging into what this brotha has been up to,

since we recently saw him hosting The Psychic Network infomercials and lo and behold, he’s been up to a LOT! But not only that, dude is puttin’ some of these young cats out here to embarrassment. At age 72, he’s STILL s*x symbol status.

In improvement to that, PMT has many grown kids with completely distinct careers these days. At the age of almost 16, Philip Michael Thomas, became an ordained preacher.

There are contradicting reports of his religious affiliation, according to some reports say he’s a Pentecostal preacher and few people also say that he’s a seventh day Adventist preacher. By five women, Philip has ELEVEN KIDS! They also have lovely names: Kharisma, Sovereign, Noble, Sacred, India, Imaj, Sacha, Khrishna, Gabriel, Chayenne, and Melody As per the Philip’s website,

the brotha’s a jack of all trades and skills he possibly had no choice but to understand in order to assist his 11 kids. He’s a singer, who’s CD is nowadays accessible when you buy the Vegan Recipe for Life cook book and it stars sensual reggae, salsa, R&B, and country rock.

According to his website, PMT is a photographer, music producer, co-writer, along with a Broad way composer. Not sure if he’s presently working anything else that brings in a constant check, but when you see how he looks now, without any doubt it’s evident he’s living a stress-free life.


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