Mexico Requests Extradition Of Alleged Suspect Involved In The Mur-der Of Shanquella Robinson

Mexico Requests Extradition Of Alleged Suspect Involved In The Mur-der Of Shanquella Robinson

An American lady perhaps extradited to Mexico in connection to the d*mise of another American lady, who Shanquella Robinson, 25 year old, passed away of an in’jury to her spinal cord or ne’ck while on vacation in Mexico on October 29.

As per reports, the brutal inc’ident occurred less than 24 hours later her arrival with 6 friends. At first, the friends said, her family that she passed away from alc*h*l p*is*ning, but later her family got ahold of the d*ath certificate, Robinson’s i’nj’uries said, a various story.

As per WBTV, which obtained a copy of Robinson’s d*ath certificate, Robinson’s reason of d*ath was listed as “very serious spinal cord in’jury and atlas lu*ation.” When the footage circulated of Robinson being as*ault;ed by the other lady, charges and calls for action flo’oded internet.

Finally, the FBI announced an observation into the ca’se, and on Wednesday, November 23, an a*rest wa*rant was issued for the de’a’th of the 25-year-old.

Somehow, officials have not identified the vi*tim. Although, both U.S. and Mexican officials have authenticate that the su*pect is an American citizen now in the U.S. “This ca’se is totally clarified; we even have a co’urt order; there is an wa*rant

issued for the crime to the detriment of the su*pect and against an alleged perpetrator, a friend of her who is the direct ag*ressor,” Daniel de La Rosa, local witness for the state of Baja California Sur, said. “Actually, it wasn’t a qua’rrel, but instead a direct aggression.”

It has been authenticate that the warrant is valid in Mexico, and wit’ness are contacting federal officials in both countries to plan the e*tradition request. “We are already carrying out all the relevant processes, both the Interpol fi’le and the extradition request,” de La Rosa told.

As Blavity previously stated, the demise of Robinson gained m’ass intrigue later the video of her at*ack circulated online. On Oct. 28, Robinson goes on vacation in San Jose del Cabo with a group of friends. She was deceased within 24 hours of her arrival.

Her group back to their house without her, reporting that she di’ed later exhibiting signs of p*is*ning. An aut*ps’y soon opened thag the young entrepreneur suf*ered a br*ken neck and cr*cked spine at the time of her dea’th. In mid-November,

a clip of Robinson engaged in a ph*sical al’tercation with another lady went viral. An unidentified male voice at the back of the camera could be heard encou’raging Robinson to fight back. Although, Robinson continuously refused to fi’ght.

Robinson was seen hiding her face and trying to avoid the alter’cation as the lady constantly to pu’mmel her in the face and head. The observation is still ongoing.


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