Mexican Authorities Issues An Arr-est Warrant For Friend Of Shanquella Robinson

Mexican Authorities Issues An Arr-est Warrant For Friend Of Shanquella Robinson

An ar’rest wa’rra’nt has been issued in the de’m’ise of Shanquella Robinson, a Charlotte lady kil*e’d while va’cat’ioning in Mexico, as per a Mexican pro’sec’ut’or and auth’enticate by ABC News. Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, a eyewitness for the state of Baja California Sur,

said ABC a friend of Robinson’s “who is the direct ag’gres’sor” is being sought by international authorities on alle’gations of fe*ici’d’e. “This la’w su’it is fully clarified,


we even have a co’u’rt or’der, there is an wa’rr’an’t issued for the cri’m’e to the detriment of the sus’pe’ct and against an reportedly perp’etr’ator, a friend of her who is the direct ag’gressor,” de la Rosa Anaya said to ABC News. “Actually it wasn’t a quarrel,

but instead a direct ag’gr’es’sion.” “We are carrying out all the pertinent processes such as the Interpol alert and the plea for ex’trad’ition to the United States of America. It’s about 2 Americans, the sus’pe’ct and the cul’prit.” Authorities have not verified who they are working to a’rr’e’st.

Michael Lettieri, an expert on fe’m’i*ide in Mexico, told when a lady is ki*le’d in the country, authorities are frequently required to open the observation as a fe’mi*id’e. From there, they look into whether she was kil*e’d for reasons due to her gen’der or if there were special circumstances,

such as do*estic vi*len’ce. ABC News said Robinson’s mother on Wednesday evening that an wa’rra’nt had been issued in the la’w s’uit. “I feel so well, that’s a good feeling,” Sallamondra Robinson told. “That’s what we have been waiting for,for someone to eventually be held acc’ountable and a’r’re’sted. I just eager for ver’dict to be served.” Her parents told Robinson, 25 year old,left for Cabo San Lucas with many friends on Oct. 28. A day later, she was passed away, told the state la’wyer general in Mexico investigating the la’w suit.

Firstly, friends told Robinson’s family she passed away of al*oh*l ex*rad*se, but the aut*psy showed she passed away of a bro’ken ne’ck and spi’ne. Channel 9 obtained Robinson’s passing certificate. It lists the reason of de’at’h as “severe spinal cord w*unds and atlas luxation,”

and says she passed awah just within 15 minutes of in’ju’ry. Alc*ho’l pois*ni’ng is never addressed. In the box questioning whether the de’ath was acci’de’ntal or vi*le’nt, the medical examiner wrote “yes.”

Later her de’at’h, video circulated showing a lady at*ack’ing Shanquella Robinson. Sallamondra Robinson, earlier identified the people in the clip as the friends her daughter accompanied on the tour to Cabo.


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