MC Lyte Voices Deep Concern For Kanye: Sends Public Message To Him

MC Lyte Voices Deep Concern For Kanye: Sends Public Message To Him

Kanye West’s recent absences from the public eye have recently been discussed by rap icon MC Lyte. She expressed the want to “cram to comprehend” the circumstances surrounding Kanye’s abduction (just not in so many words).

She uploaded the online message below with the following caption in an effort to get in touch with her fellow rapper: @mclyte: My darling brother, I am thinking of you. How are you doing? What’s up? Will you please speak again?Will we ever learn how you’re feeling? You are missed. The upcoming information excites me. That phrase. We miss you, Kanye. He is, he lives, he asks and believes, and he will manifest the gift of new life.Some followers have expressed their beliefs that Kanye is a victim of the “Kardashian curse,”

as they refer to it. The one that, after a breakup with one of the Kardashian sisters, seemed to send so many Kardashian ex-boyfriends into a tailspin or, at the very least, some sort of career decline. Cats like Kim’s ex-partners include NBA player Kris Humphries,

NFL star Reggie Bush, Kourtney’s ex-husband Scott Dissick, and let’s not forget Lamar Odom’s horrific overdose and subsequent incredible recovery. We also can’t forget about Kanye’s rumoured visit to the psychiatric ward during his most recent marriage to Kim K.

I have no idea why Ye or any of the other Kardashian ex-boyfriends are in their current positions. However, it makes sense that MC Lyte would wish Kanye luck and express hope. I’d feel like I had finally solved a puzzle to an Alfred Hitchcock episode or something.if I could only figure out what the Kardashians are famous for. Okay, I’ve gone way back, and I realize that some young people may not be familiar with Hitchcock. Point being that, to me, the Kardashian success story is still a mystery. However, I appreciate the women’ grit, whatever it may be. We miss you, Kanye, so keep your head high.


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