Mary Mary Gospel Singer Explains Why She Voted For Trump & Still Stands By Decision

Mary Mary Gospel Singer Explains Why She Voted For Trump & Still Stands By Decision

She was dragged to hell and back on social media when gospel singer Tina Campbell of the band Mary Mary sent an open letter requesting that everyone “pray” for the president she voted for, Donald Trump. However, based on the fact that she has now spoken out again,

it appears that she is still committed to supporting her president. Tina went into further detail about her continued support for Trump in a recent interview with The Root. This follows the numerous apparent polarizing strategies Trump has employed against various societal groups,including women, African Americans, the LGBT community, Latinos, etc. Campbell commented, I was presented with two presidential candidates that I just did not approve of. In order to feel as like I should exercise my right to vote if I have to,

I had to find something in common with one of them. What can I find that would compel me to vote given that I don’t favour any of them? Actually, some of Donald Trump’s views on Christianity were what influenced my decision to support him.

I have not agreed at all with many of his subsequent policies, just as I did not agree with the previous president I supported, she said to The Root. However, from a Christian perspective, I believe that the best thing I can do for the president is to pray for him.

and refrain from trying to discredit him on social media or through other channels because, at the end of the day, he still represents the nation I call home. I don’t make such words to become politically charged, she added, despite all the anxiety.

I was hearing in churches everywhere and among African Americans. I voiced my opinion because I found what I was hearing at the local churches to be so depressing. That is, in fact, where it originated. A Let me tell everyone how for Donald Trump.

I am and attempt to get everyone on the Trump bandwagon approach is not acceptable. Not that at all. Six successful seasons of Mary Mary’s reality programme have passed, but as of the spring of 2017, Tina and her sister Erica finished filming the final episode,which debuted on September 28th. The show has ironically been cancelled at this point. So It kind of makes me wonder whether the low numbers as a result of Tina’s Trump endorsement were related. I’m not positive, but it’s very likely. Let’s face it, the majority of their supporters are not on her Trump train.


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