Mary J Blige Refuse To Do Song With Keyshia Cole, Singer Claims Mary J. Blige Keeps Turning Her Down…

Mary J Blige Refuse To Do Song With Keyshia Cole, Singer Claims Mary J. Blige Keeps Turning Her Down…

Mary J. Blige and Keyshia Cole are two of the most honored voices in modern music. Mary helped pioneer the hip-hop soul genre, and Keyshia had the baton for years. While people have wondered for their ways to cross for a while,

the 2 divas have never literally done a song together in spite of sonically being very similar. Keyshia has revealed about how Mary has turned down her attempts to collaborate many times over the years.
Mary J. Blige has been.about empowering lady since the beginning of her career. Not just has she made songs championing her womanhood and helping tell the stories of others, but she has also collaborated with few of the most iconic lady in music.

She sang backgrounds on Faith Evans’s debut single “Soon As I Get Home” before gracing the Divas Live stage with the likes of Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, and Patti Labelle. Mary has done duets with few of the fantastic female vocalists of all time,so she is prone to duets. She has sung on songs with Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Beyonce, Missy Elliot, and more. In spite of making space for all of these women, she’s never made space for Keyshia Cole, in spite of Cole being, for many, the closest stuff to Mary since Mary’s debut.

Keyshia permits and has sung Mary’s praises, appearing in images with the icon. Somehow, she has not been available to track Mary down for a collaboration. “I ain’t gonna lie. I was so happy Mary even let me open up for her at a show that she had in Miami,”she told in a 2020 interview with Jason Lee. Keyshia told she was pushing especially hard during the “height” of her career, around the time Blige was experiencing a peak. The duo was just never able to lock in on a song. Keyshia has covered a Mary J Blige song, nevertheless,

“I Love You,” from 1994’s My Life. Keyshia says that she revisited the plan with Mary a few years ago and got no real reacts from her hero. “I questioned her this last time, and she told, ‘I don’t…I don’t know.’ And I was just like…’ hmm?’”Mary finally questioned her if she’d prefer her lie, and Keyshia mentioned she preferred the truth but was still sad about the entire stuff. Earlier to this, Keyshia was critical of Mary not taking her “under her wing,” even raising speculation that they were beefing during a stop at 106 & Park. She has since forgiven MJB and moved on.


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