Marques Houston, 37, Is Engaged To 19 Year Old Beautiful Girlfriend, SEE PICS

Marques Houston, 37, Is Engaged To 19 Year Old Beautiful Girlfriend, SEE PICS

Following a few years of dating, Marques Houston proposed to his girlfriend. Not having to look very far, Marques Houston has discovered love in the young and lovely Miya X. Marques Houston, an actor, singer, and producer, reportedly converted to JWism last year.

He has reportedly found a wife in Miya, the “play daughter” of his mentor Chris Stokes. Chris Stokes celebrated the couple’s union by posting pictures of them on his Instagram profile in the year 200. Biological daughter Chrissy, 20, is best friends with the young woman,who, according to commentators, is just 19 years old. The joyous engagement news was shared with his one million followers on Instagram by the 37-year-old singer/actor. The former Sister, Sister star merely wrote “My fiancé” in another Instagram image. In the back of their car,

the two appeared snug and deeply in love. As soon as the singer’s next chapter was announced, fans crowded the comment area to express their congratulations. You both deserve congratulations, one follower remarked. Roger was also mentioned as getting hitched.

However, this was the finest response to the news the couple received: “Bro do the rain dance sequence from you got served for her during the reception.” Congratulations on your engagement!

I hope the best for you both. However, a lot of fans in the comment area were perplexed at the announcement of the engagement because they believed the couple had already been married. I’m very perplexed. I thought they were already married, someone said.

Given that Miya’s Instagram handle had been “MiyanaHouston” for a while, many people assumed the two were already wed. Stokes counselled Marques and Miya to place Jehovah first in their praise,

but not everyone is in favour of their union. It’s challenging for me to watch you all claim to be witnesses but not behave in accordance with that claim, a commenter said in response.


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