Man Exposes Daughter’s Mother For Removing Their Child’s Braids Because His Wife Did Them

Man Exposes Daughter’s Mother For Removing Their Child’s Braids Because His Wife Did Them

In response to his wife braiding his daughter’s hair, a father exposed his daughter’s mother. She allegedly erased the style-taunting the father with progress images, according to screenshots of an alleged text thread with the mother. Currently,

Facebook users are discussing how co-parenting affects kids. The day before Thanksgiving, my daughter’s mother braided my baby’s hair, leaving her head and scalp looking like this, the father posted on Facebook. So before I took my baby off at school,

I had my wife do something quick and simple to her head. Her mother acted in this manner. The child’s hair before and after the new hairstyle were shown in images and videos by the father, who was named as Kirk Stone on his page. The young girl’s

hair was worn in cornrows with white beads at the ends in the prior video. The Jim Jones shaggy special appeared to be an outdated fashion trend. According to Kirk’s Facebook profile, he is engaged to Dajanai Latrese but has not yet gotten hitched.

In the popular post, he refers to his girlfriend as his “wife,” nevertheless. The fiancée/wife decided on cornrows accented with the same white beads at Kirk’s request.

The girl’s mother, Amari Jones, who was identified in the text thread, disapproved of the Dajanai’s efforts and said the style was a waste of time. So you let your girlfriend to touch my daughter’s hair? The mother allegedly wrote that Huh wasted her time taking it down for no reason.

The mother include in a picture of the style with some of it removed. She texted “MADE HER SIT FOR NO REASON” moments later. The mother shared another image of their daughter’s hair eleven minutes after the initial text. This time, her hair was swept into two vertical buns instead of the braided style,

which was completely gone. Within exactly one minute of delivering the revised picture, the mother made an attempt to reach Kirk. It’s unknown whether the parents chatted on the phone after the call was missed or with what frequency the texts were delivered.

Kirk, however, released the information and video on Monday afternoon, a few days after Thanksgiving. The post received almost 3,000 comments and over 7,300 shares by Tuesday. Comments like “bitter mother” and inquiries into the circumstances

that led to their strained co-parenting relationship are some of the responses. Why then did the father disclose this personal conflict? He states he intended to provide evidence of behaviour that he believes is usual. Normally, I wouldn’t do this,

but I wanted to use my baby as a modest illustration of the ignorance and bitterness that would harm me in an effort to damage you. Sad,” Stone penned. Kirk’s tweet was also shared by Dajanai, who captioned it “sad and very bitter.”


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